Hello Faders,

After countless hours of updating and working with the team, we are proud to release our brand new Prison Season!

RESET TIME: 4 PM EST - May 14, 2022

Click Here to view the time left until reset!

Enchant Changes

New Season, new enchant changes:

  • Removed Space & Chicken Turrent
  • Added Laser Back
  • New Boomerang enchant
  • New Fable enchant
  • New Candle prestige enchant
  • Changed orb greed to be a fixed amount


Rank Scaling

We changed the way rank scales so that it makes more sense. You will progress way better now and will unlock new blocks & armor when progression starts to feel slow!

Furthermore, the new rank cap is 300,000!



We recoded the gangs plugin and added a lot of new features. Gangs now have upgrades, you can manage gangs members better with gang ranks. You can also view who contributed what to the gang too!


We are preparing more updates that will be released through out the season, this includes more enchantments, more skills, more ranks, more progression and overall a better experience!

Other Changes

  • Pass is rank based
  • Mining Skill added
  • Orb boosters work with orb greed
  • Reworked some enchant values
  • Rankup values reworked
  • Added level requirements for prestige enchants
  • Decreased some orb boosters
  • Common pets can be fused now

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Discord: http://discord.gg/fadecloud