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UPDATE Upcoming Factions Reset


Hello Faders,

We have heard you loud and clear, the current faction season has ended and the new season will begin soon. We will introduce a bunch of requested features on to next season including paypal rewards.

Reset Date: Friday, June 14th @ 5 PM EST
CountDown: https://tinyurl.com/yyho4os7

A full changelog and top players will be posted when the server resets.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Staff Team


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hypeee, gonna be mad


Bro factions is bouta reset before survival
I don't want to release a broken reset for survival. Rather have everything perfect before we do reset it. It was a mistake announcing it this early.


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I don't want to release a broken reset for survival. Rather have everything perfect before we do reset it. It was a mistake announcing it this early.
Are you sure factions is done tho? x.x This did kind of come out of no where and that's only 5 days

Edit: what features tho


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Lets not get our hopes up for the release on 14th. It will likely be delayed a week. It's a Fadecloud thing. Thanks for working on factions though. Much appreciated.
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PURE RAGE BURNS IN ME. what the actual hell are you thinking!? I swear to god you guys just hate Survival, Don't you? Survival's reset has been delayed for 3 weeks now and you guys are seriously Resetting another server first? Why!? Way to get our hopes up before swatting us Survival players to the bottom rung. Thanks a lot, Mew.

Edit: I don't mind if the reset is broken. I'd rather have it released on time and worked on as time goes on.
Mew I honestly feel sorry for you sometimes that you get constantly pinged everywhere and completely slandered about survival and the reset. At first I’m not gonna lie I was like that, but kinda got used to it, but I think you shouldn’t have reset factions yet and completely focused your time on survival and improving that. Over the few seasons that I had been playing there was a lot of bugs and glitches and at the beginning of this season I was told that it was rushed into, idk if you remember me when you let me on to test the bosses but when I asked everyone in there was saying it’s just a beta survival to see how everything works that’s why it was rushed into it. We did face quite a lot of bugs like chunk chests failing multiple times (as of now it still is) within this season and I was expecting better, but knew not to expect the better. I feel like survival never gets enough attention due to the amount of people that play, but that is only because of the result of a poorly maintained server and which results in people not buying stuff from the store etc. What you should have done is been on your toes with the dev team throughout the season because it was a “beta” and sorted out the problems. You know, a lot of people were really excited for the new season of survival including me, I couldn’t wait, but it’s really disappointing that skyblock 2 was reset and now factions is being reset when you should just focus on one cloud and help bring it together and make a better community. You said on the first line of the forums post “we have heard you loud and clear”, but really i don’t think you have... and just went for the popular cloud demands, and left the rest under the shade. Also you saying that it was a mistake announcing it early is understandable but again why not just focus on survival with your 100% to make it perfect like the people have been saying, then go into resetting other clouds (factions).
Saying all this is not a way to put hate on you, I don’t want you to take it like that, as I respect your work and what you have achieved with fade over the years but a way to just tell you that you should take my message for in the future as I speak for most of my fellow friends and community on survival like PMT, JOLT, COPPER, HORSE etc.

-another also, I hope you still are carrying on with rewards for this season as I have grinded my ass off to get atleast /ttop 2 and this delay I’m hoping does not affect the rewards as you did say you will.


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Lol it's a shame you added PayPal rewards after most of the factions players quit, I doubt it will bring many back either


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the community would be there but being realistic itll last a week then lose popularity


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Cant wait sound good