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EVENT Towny | Survival Games Event


Be ready, get your pvp skills and start the fight! A survival games event will be hosted tomorrow (Oct 7th) at 5 pm EST on Towny!

| Information
Players will be teleported into the map and will be released into the fight! When released there will be a 30 second grace period to grab your loot!
After 8 minutes there will be a death match and all remaining players will be teleported in the center with a 30 second grace and it'll be a fight the the death until one player remains.

In order to participate in the event please fill out this google form with your in-game name. We will accept up to 44. subscriptions, hurry up!

| Rules
⊗ FadeCloud's General Rules
⊗ Using An Unfair Advantage In Combat (Such As Better Gear, Potions)
⊗ Any bugs abused in the event will resolve in a Disqualification

You're only allowed to use gear provided by chests around the map for the event. Your inventory will be cleared once you get in the arena and you will be healed. Any attempt to cheat and/or bypass this rule will result in a Disqualification.

| Rewards
✷ Last Person Standing - Receives [Champion] title

Kind Regards,
The FadeCloud Staff Team


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
Y'all lucky this time, the king of SG can't play cuz of it being too late. Have fun and goodluck to those who actually can and Will play


Veteran Fader
Former Staff
I thought this was a towny reset announcement, maybe next year
is the fade cloud staff team gonna participate in it so i can stab them in game ofc ;)


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
Seems like a really strange time to be doing it, why not do it on a Friday/Saturday when people from other places are actually able to be on as well?


Aspirant Fader
Is this just a big scam to get towny popular I’ll join tho