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NEWS Top Island - Skyblock Season 5 END

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Hello Faders
Season 5 has ended and its time for a revamp. Skyblock destiny should now be online and running. We decided to merge skyblock destiny & luminous due to the playercount. So far this has been the smoothest reset yet. Thankyou everyone who has played in season 5 and welcome all new members to season 6. Furthermore, we have deployed new patches, fixes and updates to the new season.

Patches / Updates
  • Removed /ss change perms
    • It was removed due to ending the season really early. It made getting money easier then ever.
  • Island upgrades: /is upgrade
    • Team member upgrades increased to lv 10 (15 members).
    • Prices increased adjusting to economy.
  • Stacked Spawners
    • Place same type of spawner near another one.
    • To view spawner amount and hologram, right click the spawner.
    • Spawner stacking works with island upgrades
  • Revamped shop prices
    • Economy is a lot more OP. Especially with stacked spawners.
  • Added a new grinder kit
    • Can be obtained from store.fadecloud.com or from godly crates
  • KOTH rewards revamped.
  • KOTH is now daily at 5 PM EST.
  • Envoy rewards revamped.
  • Top 10 island NPC's added to spawn.
  • Daily crate and /kit dailycrate added.
  • Vote party buffed
    • You now receive a vote crate and a 2x money booster (5m)
  • Fixed villagers not dropping 1-3 emeralds.
  • Mysteryspawners added to the /shop.
  • Performance issues resolved.
  • Silverfish spawners added, they drop 1-3 diamonds.
  • Endermite spawners added, they drop 1-3 gold ingots.
  • Donor once kits have been added!
    • Command: /kit rankonce (replace "rank" with your rank name)
  • McMMO cap increased from 1,000 to 5,000.
Aside from the fixes and new additions. Congratulations to all the top island owners and best of luck to everyone competing in season 6. We hope to see new names on this list!

Skyblock Destiny
Skyblock Luminous
All vouchers should be distributed within 24 hours of this post. The vouchers will last 3 days. After 3 days, they will not be effective anymore. If you would like to split the voucher among your skyblock members please contact of the administrators with a list.

If you do not have a forums account, you were mailed the voucher on one of the skyblock's.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Staff Team


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
Do the leaders split the vouchers or is it all for them


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
Nice, didn't even play like the last 3 months on sb2 and still got the #1 voucher


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
When we getting the vouchers? Also, skullblood is forums banned so he will need his a different way
I have 1 problem... I paid for /ss and where is it??? Pretty Bad Fade...
now my only question is is the voucher splitting gonna be like last season where we had to wait until basically the last day for them to be split


When we getting the vouchers? Also, skullblood is forums banned so he will need his a different way
Well it said it'd also be mailed in-game to the player


Well-Known Fader
Doing IRL deals for both facs servers lol msg me
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