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    FadeCloud is constantly looking for new staff members that are willing to dedicate their time and effort into making the server a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. If you wish to apply for a staffing position on our network, please be sure to carefully read through this thread in its entirety. Please keep everything that is mentioned in mind during the application process, as doing so will greatly increase your chance of getting accepted.

    When the Staff reviews applications, we look deeply into the background of each applicant. This means that we look into your attitude and how you act across all of our platforms (in-game, the forums, and Discord). Any form of negativity or disrespect towards others will count against you. Please be sure that you are demonstrating that you are mature, knowledgeable about the server, professional, and that you can handle the large amount of responsibility that comes along with being a staff member.

    When it comes to writing applications, we ask that applicants put their best foot forward by writing very detailed responses to the questions that are asked of them. Your applications show us who you are and what you would bring to the team should you be accepted, so be sure to include as many positive details about yourself as possible! An example application can be viewed below.

    We also ask that all applicants have spread out their in-game time across all of the different game-modes that we currently have to offer. This is to make sure that applicants are familiar with every aspect of the network, meaning that they would be able to properly assist and punish users across the server should they find themselves in a staffing position.

    It is important that staff members know a lot about the community and are very active across all of our platforms. As a result, it is crucial that applicants are active in-game, on the forums, and on our Discord server. This will ensure not only that you know how the server and the community works, but also that the community knows who you are. If the community is familiar with you, you will wind up being more respected as a staff member should you join the staff team.

    Requirements -

    In order to qualify for a role of Helper at FadeCloud, requirements have been picked out to make sure the best applicants are chosen:

    ~ You must be the age of 14 or over, exceptions can and will be made.
    ~ Have more than 1 month in game experience.
    ~ Have a relatively clean punishment record.
    ~ Respectful and professional attitude.
    ~ You must not be staff on any other server or network, we expect complete loyalty.
    ~ Slack (Used for staff communication, voice not required.)
    ~ You must have 25 Posts on the forums (Fader Rank)
    ~ Forums account must be at least 14 days old
    ~ Must be an active player in the community prior to submitting a staff application
    ~ No mutes or bans in the last 7 days (This does not include successfully appealed punishments. Mutes under 12h do not hinder your ability to apply for staff unless it is a common occurrence)
    ~ Extensive knowledge of FadeCloud's gamemodes and what they have to offer
    ~ Ability to properly identify and punish for hacked clients, spam, threats, etc.
    ~ Correct grammar and spelling
    ~ You must have a clear understanding of the rules and how to uphold them
    ~ Dedication and teamwork
    ~ Good judgement
    ~ Not currently banned on Discord, the Server or Forums

    How do I apply for Helper? -

    Once you’ve met the requirements and feel you’d be able to join the FadeCloud staff team you can click here and proceed to fill out the application form in as much detail as you can (the more the better). After this has been done, wait for a response.

    Staff System -

    Helper applications will be Accepted or Denied by @Chrisbeg or an @Administrator on a 2 week bases. Meaning applications will usually be done around the 15th and 1st (subject to change). Current staff, whether be Helpers, Moderators or Administrators opinions will be taken into consideration.

    Denied applications will be given reasoning for denial. We highly recommend you listen to this advice and apply it to a future application if ever you choose to apply again. Accepted candidates will be privately messaged through the forums with further information on how to join our staff chat. Once newly promoted staff members have joined our staff chat, they will be provided with resources to help them get started.
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