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UPDATE Spells & Challenges

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Hello Faders,

Today I bring you some new updates to the network! We apologize for all the delays and bugs that are currently happening and are going to be updating more frequently so you guys can expect a lot of new features coming your way! nonetheless, here are some updates:

| Spells [Prison]
Spells are a new right click ability for pickaxes. You can obtain these spells by mining, buying them from /transfer, crates or hot potato. Each spell break blocks differently. We currently only have 4 different types of spells but in the future we will be adding more:

If you have any spell suggestions, let us know :)

| Challenges [Factions]

Challenges are basically like the old /comp. We have resolved all issues and are uploading this new version. The new command is /challenges. Sorry for the delays!

More features coming soon! if you find bugs make sure to report them.​

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Development Team​


Legendary Fader
Former Staff
second, looks nice bro :)


Legendary Fader
Former Staff
Such a good update. Amazing work Mew & the dev team <333


Well-Known Fader
Spells look fucking stupid IMO

The challenges look like a good addition, it could help grow the playerbase, and increase competition.


Honored Fader
Former Staff
I only like first new enchant, tbh. Good job though!
When you mine with genesis (as far as i know), you only get the blocks from the mine, resulting in End stone and obsidian popping up on inventory. Happened last time i was on, not sure if fixed, but now you know. :)


Well-Known Fader
Now we wait for bugs that won't be fixed! But hey nice :)
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