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Skyblock1 Reset


Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator


Skyblock has had a complete overhaul using the communities suggestions and requests. We have patched many issues, you can take a look at the bottom for the full list.


• Skyblock Release: Saturday March 16, 2019 @ 3 PM EST (https://tinyurl.com/y6tbwg9a)


At the end of each season you can receive the following rewards. You can view your rank by typing /is top in-game.

• #1 Top Island - $300 Buycraft Voucher
• #2 Top Island - $150 Buycraft Voucher
• #3 Top Island - $100 Buycraft Voucher
• #4 Top Island - $25 Buycraft Voucher
• #5 Top Island - $10 Buycraft Voucher

Winners from last season will be listed here later.


• A lot of patches to robots
• Miner robot no longer breaks spawners and bedrock blocks.
• Patched issue with robots disappearing
• Robot limiter added per island
- Default 3
- Iron 4
- Gold 5
- Diamond 6
- Emerald 7
- Obsidian 8
- Bedrock 10
• Added a robot category in /transfer and increased robot prices
• Robots no longer give you mob coins
• Robot menu can collect EXP now
• Performance issues fixed
• Island upgrade issues fixed
• New crates plugin
- Virtual crates (no physical keys)
- Button to disable animation
- Button to choose how many slots to open
- Logs rewards so that staff can see if you are missing something
• Envoys reworked.
• Koths reworked
• New Is TOP layout
• Added 3 new enchantments
• Pets plugin replaced with the one from skyblock2
• /fly command fixed
• New spawn
• Economy revamped
• Crates revamped
• Spawner Upgrades revamped
• Fishing rewards added
• /trade added back
• Boosters now work again
• New is level system allowing you to receive perm multipliers.
- 1.1x money boost every 20k levels

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Development Team
This sounds incredible.
Nice bedrocks will ruin server I ready to start ruining it

also make a leader board for top island value and most island value placed
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<!> UPDATE <!>
Reset has been postponed until March 17th at 3pm EST due to issues with the server connections today.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Advice idiots; don't shit the eco before it starts like you always do
Last post I'm ever making here again
@Murky_ You're literally the only person I know that has has an issue with the economy. Although I didn't play Skyblock1 often I could say that the players don't necessarily ruin it.
Time do dl my current skyblock it seems w/ just 12mins left.

Too late. *brain starts spinning* I remembered the east coast being 5hrs behind UK last time I checked US times not 4hrs behind.