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EVENT Skyblock Spleef Event

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What a better way to start the summer off than with a snow-themed event, Spleef!
@Andreq has organized another event in order to bring some hype into Skyblock!
The event will be hosted on Tuesday, May 26th, at 3 PM EST on the Skyblock Server!

| Information

Players will compete to break snow blocks below others in order to gain a higher advantage! Similar to a FFA (Free-For-All), the last person standing ultimately wins the round; although, we will be awarding points for the First, Second, and Third Place winners of each round along with prizes for that round.

We will have 3 Main Rounds with Tiebreaker Rounds if necessary!
McMMO Skill Giga Drill Breaker will also be disabled during this event.

| Rules

Everything listed here is not permitted and is punishable if broken.

☒ FadeCloud's Server Rules
☒ Using any Unfair Advantage during the Event (Using Gear, Weapons, Tools, Potions, etc. not provided by Administration for the Event)
☒ Stealing items from the event.
☒ Flying in the Arena
☒ Teaming

***NOTE: You are only allowed to use the items provided by Administration for the event. Breaking any of these rules will not be tolerated and you will be instantly disqualified.

| Kit

- Wooden Shovel [Efficiency 2000; Unbreaking 2000]

| Rewards

Point System:
1st Place: +3 Points​
2nd Place: +2 Points​
3rd Place: +1 Point​

Round Prizes:
1st Place - x3 Master Keys + $30m​
2nd Place - x2 Master Keys + $20m​
3rd Place - x1 Master Key + $10m​
Highest Points Prizes:
1st Place - $15 Buycraft; $400m; x5 Master Keys; x1 Spleefer Title​
2nd Place - $5 Buycraft; $200m; x5 Master Keys​
3rd Place - $5 Buycraft; $100m; x5 Master Keys​

We hope to see you there! The warp will he announced at the time of the event!

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Administration
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Oh shiiiit lets goo, bet I'm in. I'm going for the title that's all I want LOL.


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Sick, is teaming allowed?
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