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UPDATE Skyblock Reset Delay - September 18th

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Skyblock Reset Delay
September 18th / 5 PM EST / Friday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Hey Faders! We are bringing you this announcement to let everyone know we have reached a conclusion to a tough decision... We will be postponing the Skyblock Season 14 Reset until this coming Friday, September 18th, at 5 PM EST. This was a very tough decision for PapaMew to make; although it was the best decision he could make in order to bring everyone a fun and exciting season of Skyblock!

In compensation to this second delay, PapaMew will be adding a Kit Sorry to the gamemode to redeem once. I will also host a second, smaller-scale giveaway over on our Twitter. We feel horrible forcing you all to wait an extra week for reset, but there is so much we can do to make your experience better in such little time. We hope you understand!

If you haven't already and are interested in this upcoming reset, you can view all the details HERE, including Cyborgs, Player Holograms, Mob Armor, and more!

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FadeCloud Administration

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