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EVENT Prison Sumo Event

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Head Administrator
Head Administrator

Come join us on Prisons for a Sumo Event on Saturday, February 1st, at 3:30 PM EST!

@Justugh figured it would be an entertaining opportunity to liven up the server as PapaMew recovers from his sickness and I have been invited to help host/supervise the event!

| Information

A Sumo battle is similar to a Free-For-All King of the Hill! The arena will prevent flying and we require you to remove ALL items, weapons, armor, and effects from your person while participating in the event. Failure to do so will result in a Disqualification from the Event.

*** This Event will be hosted on Prison and accessible by using the command /warp sumo ***

| Rules

As stated previously, failure to abide by the rules will result in a Disqualification. Breaking a General FadeCloud rule will also result in a Disqualification.

~ No Flying
~ No Armor, Weapons, Effects, or Items
~ No Teaming

| Rewards

Of course! What is an event without rewards? We will be awarding the Top 3 Placements! Since this event is for Prison, the rewards are relatively Prison related.

* 1st Place ~ $5 BuyCraft Giftcard (Redeemable at store.fadecloud.com), x5 Godly Keys, x3 Legendary Gem Boxes, and Two x10 Money Multipliers (30 Minutes)

* 2nd Place ~ $5 BuyCraft Giftcard (Redeemable at store.fadecloud.com), x3 Godly Keys, x2 Legendary Gem Boxes, and One x10 Money Multipliers (30 Minutes)

* 3rd Place ~ $5 BuyCraft Giftcard (Redeemable at store.fadecloud.com), x1 Godly Keys, x1 Legendary Gem Box, and One x8 Money Multipliers (30 Minutes)

NOTICE: If there is a tie, we will inflict a Sudden Death Round where the tied applicants will Sumo battle with a best 2-out-of-3 win ratio!

Kind regards,
The FadeCloud Staff Team


Sumo event yes! Really cool idea, I'll for sure take part in it :)


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Former Staff
Big oof poggo won't be here


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Former Staff
8pm D: I hope I can get on for it


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w tap resets tonight then


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cool, might get on


FadeCloud Prison Sumo Event [EVENT] Hosted by AlphaBeta__ thank you


Head Administrator
Head Administrator
Congratulations to our winners of the Event!
1st Place -- Galaxiz
2nd Place -- Refqyz
3rd Place -- S1robe

Your rewards have been sent out and your Giftcard Codes will be sent out soon in hub1!

Thank you, everyone, for participating! Although the outcome may not have been what you wanted, with the limited resources we had we used and produced this event. We all hope you enjoyed yourself and we hope we can do more of these in the future!
Thank you @Justugh for your effort in this event!
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