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NEWS Prison Reset



| Reset Information
  • Time: 3 PM EST
  • Day: Sunday (1/20/19)
| Enchant Changes
The orb and enchant systems have changed. Every block you break you will receive 1 orb. Furthermore, every enchant that breaks blocks will also give you orbs.

Earthquake (previously known as dragonburst) and explosion now work with fortune so that you can get the best amount of money possible. Moreover, explosion has had a huge REVAMP and is now working as a small chance but a huge explosion!

| Gems Changes
No more right-click abilities. Now gems will act as permanent boosters that you can apply on your pickaxe. Every couple of blocks you will receive a gembox:
  • 25,000 Blocks - x1 Common Gem Box
  • 75,000 Blocks - x1 Rare Gem Box
  • 150,000 Blocks - x1 Ultimate Gem Box
  • 400,000 Blocks - x1 Legendary Gem Box
The higher tier gem box you have the higher booster %'s you will receive.

| Rank Changes
We completely removed the level system off prison and are going back to regular ranks. There will be a total of 27 ranks. After you complete them, you may rebirth (see below). Each rank gives you access to a new mine. You may rankup to the max possible rank with /maxrankup.

No longer will you be reset back to rank A after rebirthing. Once you reach free rank you can constantly rebirth. The first 10 rebirths will have requirements that you need to complete in order to progress further. After you reach rebirth 11, the only requirement is money. You also receive rebirth rewards every couple of rebirth levels.

| Miner Changes
Miner will now use your pickaxe stats for the amount of money and orbs you receive from it. The better stats you have, the more money and orbs you'll receive! You can check it out by typing /miner​

| Dojo Pickaxes
After every couple of rebirths you will be allowed to obtain dojo pickaxes from mining. There is a small chance to receive these pickaxes and you CANNOT disenchant them. These pickaxes are used to help you progress or just sell them to lower ranked players in the auction house. The following are the requirements to start earning these pickaxes:
  • White Pickaxe - Free rank
  • Yellow Pickaxe - Rebirth 25
  • Orange Pickaxe - Rebirth 50
  • Green Pickaxe - Rebirth 75
  • Blue Pickaxe - Rebirth 100
  • Purple Pickaxe - Rebirth 200
  • Black Pickaxe - Rebirth 300
  • Paneled Pickaxe - Rebirth 400
  • Red Pickaxe - Rebirth 500

| Change Log
  • Multipliers now stack (You can have up to 10x)
  • You no longer lose multipliers after reboot
  • Dojo pickaxes added
  • Enchants recoded
  • Performance Fixes
  • Miner revamp
  • Crates revamp
  • Rebirth crates added
  • Rebirth requirements added
  • Max rebirth is currently at 1000
  • Dragonburst is now called Earthquake
  • Buffed earthquake enchant
  • Added an earthquake animation
  • Explosion is extremely OP now
  • Orb system revamped
  • Gem boxes added
  • Voting revamped
  • New spawn
  • A lot of mines added
  • Receive mine crates from mining 1,000 blocks or a small chance
  • Disenchanter gives 75% orbs back
  • More info added to the scoreboard
  • Rebirth rewards revamped
  • Autosell messages redone
  • Master equipment added
  • Pickaxe boxes added (obtained in vote crates)
Special thanks to the beta team! They did a wonderful job testing all issues to make sure they dont happen on server launch. We will recruit more beta members in the future.​

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management


Legendary Fader
Looking forward to it :D sounds good!


Aspirant Fader
rebirth rewards :D also will prison vouchers be released on the day it resets?


Aspirant Fader
So hyped guys, who else thinks this update is lit?!


Veteran Fader
Former Staff
This is a sexy reset