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UPDATE Prison Reset - PayPal and $1,500 In rewards - Futuristic Themed


Honored Fader
Former Staff
probs the best time to start playing again. Lit.
As long as they don’t halve rebirth and ench prices again this should be fun


Aspirant Fader
Former Staff
Sounds good but nothing will be like the OG Fade Prison
If you aren't adding Stars back to further the max enchants? Are you even good for FC bro? istg :p

Also change Earthquake enchant name back to Dragonburst we miss the OG enchant names
I don’t understand, prison only just got reset. Have you guys forgotten about survival!?!? It has been ages and you guys are resetting other game modes. This is getting ridiculous.


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
This looks pretty fun!


Veteran Fader
Former Staff
I am really looking forward to the new Prison. It seems as if it will be active.
Will /miner be removed or nerfed?


Heroic Fader
Former Staff
After months of decision making Mew decided to sell his rolexes and give a paypal reward :p