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UPDATE Prison Reset - PayPal and $1,500 In rewards - Futuristic Themed



  • • Time: 3 PM EDT
  • • Day: Friday (4/19/19)
Prison is getting a fresh reset. We have added, modified and removed a bunch of stuff. Next season you will see brand new builds from spawns to mines and a bunch of old features that you guys loved. We apologize for the late updates in the current season and want to avoid making premature promises, however, those updates that were promised will be seen in the new season.

For the first 6 weeks of prison you will receive the following rewards weekly:

#1 Top Cell - $100 Paypal
#2 Top Cell - $75 Buycraft
#3 Top Cell - $50 Buycraft
#4 Top Cell - $15 Buycraft
#5 Top Cell - $10 Buycraft

You can view your rank in-game with the /cell top command

We're removing plots and adding cells to the gamemode. Cells are typically like islands on skyblock and you will be able to have a cell worth with them. You can have a maximum of 4 people in your team to compete for cell top. You obtain cell top value by placing down resources purchased from the /cloud shop

Clouds are a new currency on prison, it is an enchant that allows you to gain a random amount of clouds by mining, therefore, you will need to grind out clouds to purchase resources and gain cell value!

Pets are a new feature on prison that was promised in the current season but was not delivered. Essentially, you will be able to obtain pets from crates and they will provide you with either an orb booster or a money booster. Furthermore, you can upgrade your pet to receive a higher boost. Everything is done in the pets menu with the /pets command.

Pets come in different theirs, the higher tier the better end-game pet you will have (tier 4 being best):

Common Pet - Tier 1
Epic Pet - Tier 2
Rare Pet - Tier 3
Legendary Pet - Tier 4

As you rebirth, you will receive rebirth coins that will be used for rebirth upgrades. These upgrades give you various new strengths in the gamemode. Currently, there are only 4 but we will add plenty more in the future. You can purchase these upgrades with the /rebirth upgrades command. The following are the upgrades:

Furious Finder - Has a small chance to give you a random key depending on level.
Furious Orbs - Has a small chance to activate and give you more orbs from mining.
Furious Destruction - Has a small chance to clear an entire mine.
Furious Mode - Has a small chance to buff all enchants by 10% for x amount of time.

• Backpacks added back!
• NPCs added to sell stuff to
• Autosell is now an enchant that you can upgrade (not autosell by default)
• Angelic enchant added
• Cloud enchant added
• Explosion reworked
• Removed lightning, miner, lucky and combo enchants
• Enchants increase by 0.33% in price each level
• Lores of enchants changed to something more basic
• Right-clicking your pickaxe will have a bunch of menus now
• Rebirth upgrades added - Furious finder, orbs, destruction, and mode.
• Prison pets added
• Cells added
• New prison rewards added
• Virtual crates added
• Rebirthing is changed (you go back to rank A when rebirthed)
• Rank prices increase by 30% each rebirth.
• New spawn
• New mines
• Cloud shop added
• You get 1 gem slot by default instead of 2
• Gems %'s redone to fit eco
• Economy redone
• Rank prices redone
• and much more!

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management
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Active Fader
Hype for new prison season, seems like it's going to be a fun one! :cool:


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
Sooo hyped. Backpacks will be sicc, and have been sick in previous season. Angelic was something that a LOT of people missed so this is promising. the new rebirth system looks promising from what you explained here, I'm curious to see what level rebirth people will reach now with that 33% increase...

Everything else looks pretty expected. CHEERS!!!!
I really liked the old prison when there was backpacks and no autosell and you used macros and ohhh when explosion was op and Mr Juiceboxman was here i don't know if it will be like that but i hope it will be fun


Honored Fader
I look forward to this. Remember the days when BPs were first added.


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
Looking good, Excited to play!


Well-Known Fader
Ehh it's alright, I guess I'll have to wait and see what happends.


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
I look forward to the new features! The cell competition is going to be fun :) (Just got max pick though oh well :/)


Honored Fader
Former Staff
Fadecloud 100 -> 1000


Aspirant Fader
Hype boysssss :) Going to make a pickaxe with OliverHD btw Iam UnleqitSebIX soo yeah hype fat kids


Finally a good update, Kudos to Mew for this one.


Honored Fader
Might come back for this, seems interesting