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UPDATE Prison Reset (October 19th) - $1,750 In Rewards

it was always possible, even if you didn't have a monthly pick
it has been legit impossible to get a max the last 2 seasons even tho someone mined 500m blocks and p2w'd $500+


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
Love the ideas, can't wait to play the new season!


Well-Known Fader
Explo buffed holy shit. This is the one good thing the entire update other than mew mentioning updated mobs? Whytf would we need to know that
jeez looks so nice... So sad that I'm still banned :( It's the first season that I can't play after 4 seasons. Well thats life I guess. I hope that everyone will enjoy the season tho! #ResetHype


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Former Staff
Looking to be one of he best looking resets in a while...


Active Fader
these islands make solo players (like me) feel lonely. :( i wish plots were back


Active Fader
I agree it was very hard last season hopefully i can meet new friends this season and sadly i can not beat u all in orb flips which kind of hurts and makes me feel useless but i will get through it


Active Fader
However i am excited about this Prison Reset to be able to start anew and hopefully have better chances at being ima number one cell lol!


Active Fader
I cant wait to meet new friends and faders along the path but i’m excited for this all thanks mew!