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NEWS Prison Reset - December 24th


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Former Staff
Actually looks interesting for once...

Gonna wait 2 weeks and see if it's still alive before I decide if I'm gonna play.
Bro I haven't see you on is so long.

Aslo well done @PapaMew Looks good


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Former Staff
Wow, actual PRISON for once. Sounds interesting.


Honored Fader
Reset on Christmas Day. Rip all us aussies


Well-Known Fader
I like it something different but not too different if that makes sense. @PapaMew You sure you are gonna reset on that date? Don't you got like family or what not? Eh whatever should be fine. Nice job!


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Server Changelog

New spawn
New rankup system
Economy changed
New pets system
Removed cells
• Plots added back
• Removed resources
• Rebirth mines added back (every 25 rebirths = new mine)

Rebirth changed, once you rebirthed you can continue without going from rank A-Z again.
Removed rebirth rewards
Gem armor obtained from mining
New enchantments (read below)
Pickaxe system revamped
Removed riots because they're poop.
Buffed /miner slightly
• Crates revamped
• New mines
• Daily / weekly / campaign quests added for continuous progression
• Removed clouds from mining
• Clouds shop revamped
• You obtain clouds from quests only now
What happen to the new spawn