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NEWS Prison Reset - December 24th


Hello Faders,

Prison reset is almost here.

RESET TIME: December 24th, Tuesday, 5 PM EST

Paypal Rewards

Payments will be distributed every month for the top 5 rebirthed players.

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75 Paypal
• Place #3 - $25 Paypal
• Place #4 - $15 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $10 Buycraft

Payments will be distributed every month for 3 months.

Server Changelog

New spawn
New rankup system
Economy changed
New pets system
Removed cells
• Plots added back
• Removed resources
• Rebirth mines added back (every 25 rebirths = new mine)

Rebirth changed, once you rebirthed you can continue without going from rank A-Z again.
Removed rebirth rewards
Gem armor obtained from mining
New enchantments (read below)
Pickaxe system revamped
Removed riots because they're poop.
Buffed /miner slightly
• Crates revamped
• New mines
• Daily / weekly / campaign quests added for continuous progression
• Removed clouds from mining
• Clouds shop revamped
• You obtain clouds from quests only now

What's New

Pets Revamp

We have done a complete revamp on the way pets work. We figured we can take this to the next level and.. we did! Pets will now have multiple new tiers and new ways to ascend them as following:

Pets no longer lose their level when they ascend. You also do not lose the type of pet you have. The purpose of ascending is to increase the pet level so that you get higher and higher multipliers. Multipliers get high as 20x..

We also made it easier to ascend pets, you longer need level 50 pets to ascend, they can be any level! We made this so that you do not have to grind alt pets. Furthermore, you cannot use other peoples pets to ascend your pets. We implemented a system to prevent that, prison is more of a solo gamemode which is what we want, to make everything super progressive for current players and new players!

To obtain pets you will need to gain pet summon scrolls which is obtained in the cloud shop and quests! You can also obtain multiple booster scrolls with the help of the people online. Each player that boosts the pet summon scroll in the pet summon GUI will increase its value, once the value hits 25, everyone who boosted will receive x1 pet booster scroll.

Armor Revamp

You will now be able to obtain gem armor through mining. The higher rebirth mine you get to, the higher gem armor tier you will obtain randomly from mining. The following are the tiers and level requirements:

To obtain armor experience you can tinkerer armor (/armor) you obtained that will not be used. The experience will vary depending on the tier of armor you have. The higher armor level the higher booster you will receive!

Pickaxe Revamp

Just like pets and armor we will have tiers. Tiers will follow the same way pets work with the same copies. The purpose for tiers is that we can adjust the amount of orbs required to levelup each enchantment. There will also be level caps for all enchantments as following per tier:

Much like pets, there will also be summon scrolls. Everyone will obtain x1 normal summon scroll daily with /kit member and there will also be a booster summon option for pickaxes. Furthermore we also added a bunch of new enchantments that players loved in the previous seasons:

• Lucky Enchantment - Chance to obtain orbs from mining
• Combo - Chance to double orbs from mining
• Layered revamp - Max level 5 - Each level breaks 1 more layer with earthquake

Hopefully you are all enjoying the season!

Discord: http://discord.gg/Tbt59dw

IP: FadeCloud.com
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Well-Known Fader
Looks a lot better than last season, will play for sure! Kinda shit release date, make it earlier in the day, not at 5PM...


Honored Fader
Former Staff
Plots are back bois, looking forward to play Fade’s Prison for the first time in a long time.


I cannot wait for everyone harassing me to sign their plots! Hyped af for this reset!


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
Actually looks interesting for once...

Gonna wait 2 weeks and see if it's still alive before I decide if I'm gonna play.


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
dope, i’ll start grinding out fade again.

excited for rebirth mines and plots back, let’s see how this season turns out