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UPDATE Prison Reset (August 2nd) - $1,750 In Rewards



The current prison season has ended and the new season will begin soon. We will introduce a bunch of requested features on to next season.

Reset Date: Friday, August 2nd @ 5 PM EST
CountDown: https://tinyurl.com/yxsldpzg

Paypal Rewards

Payments will be distributed every week for the top 5 cells. (6 weeks)

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75 Buycraft
• Place #3 - $50 Buycraft
• Place #4 - $15 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $10 Buycraft

Server Changelog

Economy redone.
• Enchant price decreased from 0.33% per level to 0.20% per level
• Resources are now attached to your island, once right clicked you cannot remove them from value.
• Fixed rebirth enchants
• Added rebirth rewards
• Rebirth top redone
• Added a small challenge for each rebirth (prevents alt abuse)
• Pet system redone

• Ascending system added to pets
• Pets now level up by the blocks you mine
• Blocks mined with custom enchants now count towards your blocks broken count
• Private mines added
• Riots added
• Removed miner
• Added a new afk plugin (/afk)
• New spawn
• Small crate changes
• Clouds added
• Cloud shop added

• A bunch of small item rename changes

Whats New

Pets Revamp
Obtain pet boxes from the cloud shop and receive random pets. Pets provide a sell boost that can be increased with the amount of blocks you break. The more blocks you break the higher pet level you will have and the higher money booster you will receive.

Pet Ascending System
Ascend your pets to a higher tier. Keep getting epic and rare pets? use them to get a higher pet tier. The higher the tier the more boost you will receive from them. You can view all pet tiers by typing /pets in-game.

Receive free money and orbs by being online. The higher rank and rebirth you are the more money and orbs you will receive overtime. The max amount of time you can have is 8 hours, after that you can claim the rewards and the timer will reset.

Private Mines
Mines always filled? want to make extra money from people? private mines are perfect for this. You can purchase a private mine @ http://store.fadecloud.com and it will come with:

• Locking / unlocking your mine
• Taxing people who use your private mine
• An area to fully customize and make yours

Prison Riots
Gain points inside a riot and receive insane rewards. Beware that there are death blocks that will make you instantly lose the riot! likewise there are punish blocks which take away points. Every other block adds points. Some of rewards include gem armor which provide money boosters on armor!

Hopefully you are all enjoying the season!

Discord: http://discord.gg/Tbt59dw

IP: FadeCloud.com
Actually looking forward to this season, looks really well done.

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Wahoo! I’m super excited for this new prison season on FadeCloud. Good luck to everyone participating!


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This next season is gonna be fire man. Great job on this. Im already eager to play!


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A lot of the new features look really cool. Kinda sad about the cells still being a thing tho


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cool. might start playing again