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DENIED Pawls unban @Hasteful



I'm only making this because I can't reply to the other post but for what it's worth I was already told to wait another 6 months from my last eligible appeal date in like the beginning of the year and in Summer. Both times AlphaBeta__ told me to wait another 6 months from my original ban like a year or two ago. I really do want to convince you guys and the server that I've changed and I'm no longer the negative person I used to be but I can't without a never chance. It's like anytime I ever try talking to a staff I'm just keep being told to wait another 6 months and another 6 months when other players who've done much worse (dox, ddos, swat threats, etc) have been unbanned in their due time. Again, I'm not trying to complain or stretch out a situation that doesn't need to be. I just really wanted to give my side and whether you want to rethink your decision and give me one final chance is up to you. Again, I'm sorry to anyone I've ever offended and I really hope I can show you I've changed for the better. @Hastefull

this will be my last post on this fourms account if this appeal is denied so don't worry about that


I don’t feel it’s the right time Pawls,

I’ve noticed multiple posts on players pages. One happens to be a staff of our community. You went out of your way to judge the way she speaks. This isn’t a good start on your end. I do see you coming back in the future, but your maturity level needs to increase.

Please refrain from making anymore appeals.