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[OFFICIAL] Server Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Info' started by DaddyMew, May 14, 2017.

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    | Interface
    These rules apply to all users on the FadeCloud Network, regardless of any package or rank purchased from our store.If you fail and/or refuse to comply and follow these rules, you may be permanently banned or muted, therefore, we highly recommend that each user reads and follows these rules to avoid receiving punishments. We strongly prohibit any kind of punishment avoiding which includes the usage of alternative accounts.

    All decisions made by the staff are final. If you feel a member of our team is abusing please report them using the correct forum section or contact another staff member, preferably an admin.

    | Disclaimer
    • Admins reserve the right to change these rules with or without notice.
    • Admins can permanently ban at their discretion if you are considered to be a nuisance to the server, staff, or its players.
    • Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules before using any of our services.
    • Staff members are required to keep proof of your punishments for seven days (This excludes warnings and mutes less than a day). Any appeals or complaints after that will not be reviewed and they will be denied.
    • If you are muted more than 20 times within a time span of 1-2 months (The severity of these offenses will also be monitored), admins can issue a permanent mute if they feel that you are a nuisance to the server, staff, or players. You may appeal to be unmuted/ unbanned after 6 months of being permanently muted/ banned for being a nuisance.
    • Players have 24 hours to report an offense to the server, failing to do so will result in a punishment for using old evidence against a player.
    • You may not appeal a ban or mute that is under 3 days in length. If your punishment is under 3 days in length and you feel that it was not given properly you may create a staff report on the staff member that gave you the punishment.
    • Tier III and IV rule disclaimer: Tier III and IV offense punishment chains do not reset to the first offense unless there is a punishment wipe or unless a rule change affects the Tier III or IV rules
    • Notice: If a player asks a question such as "Is [insert rule breaking word here] a mute?" They will not be punished. If a player asks something such as "What were they muted for? [Insert rule breaking word here] ?" They, again, will not be muted. However, if a player asks a question such as "What are you, [insert rule breaking word here] ?" that will be a muted. Keep in mind there are only some examples, staff will decide based off of context and common sense on what should and should not be a mute in scenarios such as this.

    | Evasion
    Evading a mute with an alt will result in a mute. If you use the alt to evade a mute your main will be banned for the remainder of the time and your alt will be muted for the remainder of the time. If you break a rule while muted on your main in something such as /shout, party chat, /msg and so on, you will be banned for the remainder of the mute.

    Ban evasion is also a punishment. If you are caught evading a ban, you will be banned for the remainder of the original punishment.

    1st offense - warning
    2nd offense - 1h mute
    3rd offense - 4h mute
    4th offense - 24h mute
    5th offense - 24h ban
    Continues offense - 7d ban

    | Excessive swearing
    We allow players to use general, less offensive swears on our server. However, you are not allowed to use excessive vulgar language towards a player or something. Although we allow you to use some language at each other or to describe things and situations to a degree, abuse of this leniency will result in a warning for either bullying/harassment or excessive swearing. Light pvp banter is allowed as well (Ex. “C'mon pussy fight me”, “You killed me you bitch”) anything that is outside of pvp and is directed to a player will result in a direct mute if it is seen as excessive. (See Tier II offensive language)

    | Spam // Chat flooding // Spam promotion
    A repetitive use of messages or characters in a short amount of time.

    If you are trying to advertise a shop/item/auction (Auctions with no bids changing), You have to keep your ads 1 minute apart. No exceptions.

    NOTE If you use multiple accounts to bypass the 1-minute shop advertisements, all accounts involved will be punished.

    | Harassment // Excessive player disrespect
    Excessive profanity/insults/unwanted actions to harass a player or groups of players will not be tolerated.

    NOTE If this is excessive you may be removed from the network by an admin if they feel you are harmful to the server.

    | Sensitive subjects
    Arguments or discussions over sensitive subjects need to be kept in private messages.
    Examples of sensitive subjects:

    • Religion
    • Race
    • Ethnicity
    • Politics
    • Disasters (in an offensive way)

    | Offering foreign trades
    Offering any trades outside the FadeCloud servers is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, trading money in other games. Anything that is not involved with the server that is provided by FadeCloud is not allowed to be used for a trade. (CsGo skins, capes, accounts, etc) All trades must be Fade to Fade such as in-game items/currency for something in our store.

    NOTE If the trade is completed, you will be punished via tier III foreign trades.

    | Unintentional advertisment
    Saying a server name or IP is not allowed, even if the name or IP is legitimate or fake. Players who are advertising a server with the sole purpose of rerouting several players will be permanently banned for tier four intentional advertisement. Advertising FadeCloud, however, will not result in a ban.

    1st offense - 24h ban
    2nd offense - 3d ban
    3rd offense - 7d ban
    4th offense - 30d ban
    5th offense - 60d ban
    6th offense - perm ban

    | Server flame
    Being toxic towards the server and its staff. This includes, but is not limited to; calling staff shit/bad, calling the server bad, insulting the team or the server etc. Excessive server flame will result in a tier IV punishment

    | Suicide encouragement // Death wishes
    Any statements, remarks, jokes encouraging, suggesting self-harm or self-prompted death or wishing someone to take harmful action(s). Wishing someone to become victim to death or wishing someone’s family to be victim to death.

    | Offensive Language // Racism
    Severe offensive language/hate speech directed to a player or used in a negative connotation/context is not allowed.

    Examples: Calling a player or something a douche, cunt, bastard, pedophile, whore, nazi, faggot, retard, bimbo (and any words that relate to them)

    Calling someone a “bitch” or telling them to “fuck off” is not a mutable offense. Harassment, on the other hand, is something we do not tolerate

    Any racial terminology, whether it is a joke or not, is punishable. No exceptions.

    Using a disease, disorder, etc. as an insult to a player or thing on our network will be punishable

    | Inappropriate content // Nicknames // Faction names
    Posting links to inappropriate (pornographic/gore/screamer/racist/etc) websites/pictures/etc is prohibited.

    Discussing inappropriate topics (pornographic, racist, sexual etc.) is prohibited.

    Having a nickname/faction name that breaks our chat rules are also prohibited. You will be asked to change your nickname/faction name, failure to do so (saying no, asking why etc. is refusing) will result in a punishment.

    If you have an item with an inappropriate name, then you will be given an item rename tag and be told to change it at that same moment. Failure to do so will result in the item being taken away. (Any items with foul language are included)

    Books with inappropriate content in them are punishable.

    1st offense - 30d ban
    2nd offense - 60d ban
    3rd offense - perm ban

    | Using old evidence
    It's prohibited to use old evidence (evidence older than 24 hours) when reporting players. This punishment extends from the server to the forums and vice-versa. You will be banned both in game and forums. This rule will apply to all reports unless it’s a staff member’s fault for not handling the report within 24 hours.

    | Foreign trades
    Any completed trades outside the FadeCloud servers are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to trading money in other games. Anything that is not involved with the server that is provided by FadeCloud is not allowed to be used for a trade. (CsGo skins, capes, accounts, etc) All trades must be Fade to Fade such as in-game items/currency for something in our store.

    | Threats
    Any statements and remarks made towards another player, their family, or their friends that can be interpreted to threaten harmful actions. Joking matter or not.

    | Impersonation
    Attempt to mislead players to break rules or get in trouble by pretending to be an existing staff member or an attempt to get a player in trouble by impersonating them.

    Directly using a staff member's IGN as a nick is also punishable

    | Teleport trapping
    Warping a player (via command or sign) to an area they cannot escape or will die in. This includes warping people to pvp without their knowledge.

    NOTE This does not apply to Factions.

    | Inappropriate builds
    Any form of builds that seem inappropriate to the server. Includes inappropriate cannons (Factions) Ex: Penis nukers.

    | Griefing
    Destroying plots, islands, and claims that do not belong to you or the island owner.

    > Skyblock: Placing spawners and other blocks/items on an island will belong to the owner. Leaving the island and taking items without owner consent is a form of griefing.

    (If your island settings are set to allow players to open chests and someone takes an item out of the chests/containers, it will not be counted as griefing)

    > Factions: All griefing rules are exempt on this server. However, cobble monstering the spawn is prohibited.

    1st offense - perm ban
    2nd offense - Blacklist

    | Advertisement
    Advertising IP addresses/servers with the purpose to reroute players to another server permanently. This includes but is not limited to any IP/server that looks genuine regardless if it was a joke or not.

    NOTE Players who are new to the network and have the sole purpose of advertising, will be permanently banned.

    | Exploting
    Bugs and issues should always be reported as soon as they are found. You will be punished if you are caught using the bug for personal/player gain. If you are testing a bug, please have a recording of it and do not repeatedly test the bug. However, an exception will be made if a staff member requests you show them bug, dupe, or glitch.

    | Inappropriate usernames // Capes // Skins
    Having a username with offensive words or anything that breaks current rules. Having a skin/cape that is inappropriate. (sexual, offensive to historical events, etc) You will be required to change the name and/or before you can appeal for an unban.

    Note: The player will never be blacklisted for these offenses, you will be required to change it then you will be unbanned. You cannot purchase an unban for this offense.

    | Forging proof
    Forging proof against a player by making it looks like he hacks with the use of a software or client.

    | Malicious Links
    Any links that redirect you to a malicious website which grabs your personal information.

    | DDoS // Hack threats
    Any threats that regard with hacking into another player account or interfering with a player's connection. This includes but is not limited to phrases such as: Sending you packets, I'm gonna fry your router, I’m going to DC you.

    | Scamming // In-real life money only
    Any form of scams in which tricks a player into paying another player with real-life money for in-game items.

    NOTE Scamming in-game items for in-game money is not punishable.

    | Illegal modifications // Hacked Clients
    Any form of illegal clients that give the player an unfair advantage over other players. Every staff member is required to gather evidence before a punishment is issued.

    > View illegal modifications: https://goo.gl/03kmvL

    | Personal information // DOX leaks
    Releasing any personal information without the player's consent. Before action is taken, staff should investigate and verify that the victim has a problem with his or her information released.

    | AFK Mining // Prison ONLY
    Any form of auto mining while afk will be bannable. The f11 trick and macros are just some examples, auto mining in all forms will not be tolerated.

    [This punishment has a kick before it is issued]

    | Toxicity // Non-constructive Criticism // Taunts
    All toxicity, insults and nonconstructive criticism towards new players will either result in a warning, mute or ban from all FadeCloud platforms. Examples of acceptable and prohibited criticism:

    Acceptable criticism
    • I dislike <this> because of <this>.
    • <This> is not the best idea, maybe change it to <this>.
    • This isn't working out because <this>.
    Prohibited criticism
    • Server diss tracks
    • Rant threads
    Any issues or concerns, private message one of the staff members in the administrator team. All threads regarding the rules will be locked/deleted.
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    • Updated on 5/14/17
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    • Updated on 11/17/17
    • Updated on 10/16/17
      • AFK Auto Mining - Any form of automining while afk will be bannable. The f11 trick and macros are just some examples, automining in all forms is not allowed.
    • Updated on 6/17/18
      • Auto mining is now allowed on all server excluding prison.
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