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    These rules apply to all users on the FadeCloud Network, regardless of what rank you have purchased. If you fail to comply and follow these rules, you may be permanently banned or muted. Therefore we highly recommend that each user reads and follows these rules to avoid punishment. We strongly prohibit any kind of punishment avoiding which includes the use of alternative accounts.

    All decisions made by the staff are final if you feel a member of our team is abusing please report them using the correct forum section or contact another staff member.​

    • Admins reserve the right to change these rules with or without notice.
    • Admins can permanent ban at their discretion if you are considered to be a nuisance to the server, staff or its players.
    • Players are expected to familiarize the rules before using any of our services.
    • Staff are required to keep proof of your ban for 7 days. Any appeals or complaints after that won't be reviewed.
    • If you are muted, and you evade your mute on an alternate account, your alternate account will me muted for the same amount of time that is left on the main account. If you are breaking a rule while muted, you will be banned for the remainder of your mute.
    • Ban Evasion is still a punishment. If you are caught evading a ban, you will be banned for the remainder of the original punishment

    |Tier I Rules
    First offense: Verbal warning
    Second offense: 4h mute > 24h mute > 48h mute
    Third offense: 24h ban > 7d ban > 14d ban > 30d ban

    Filling up the chat with toxic words and phrases. You are allowed to swear if its kept to a minimum. Swearing and disrespect directed at a person or a group of people will result in a Tier II Offensive Language punishment.​

    A repetitive use of messages or characters in a short amount of time. This includes but is not limited to shop advertisements that are not one minute apart, Spam Promotion with hashtags or "say 123 if you want money", etc.​

    |Personal Information Leaked
    Minor information leaked about a specific players without their consent. Staff should check up with the player (victim) before issuing a punishment.​

    The act of continued unwanted actions of players or groups. This includes but is not limited to: Threats and demands.​

    |Sensitive Subjects
    Any conversation concerns to contentious political and religious topics.
    |Foreign Trades
    Any trades outside the fadecloud servers are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to trading money in other games.​

    |Tier II Rules

    First offense: 24h mute
    Second offense: 48h mute
    Third offense: 24h ban > 7d ban > 14d ban > 30d ban

    |Suicide Encouragement
    Any statements and remarks made towards another player that can be interpreted to suggest harmful actions in real life. Joking matter or not.​

    |Offensive Language / Discrimination
    Speech with any form of hate or comfortable statements.​

    |Inappropriate Content & Nicknames
    Any content which is considered inappropriate. This includes but not limited to: Sexual, Pornographic, and Horror contents. You will be asked to change your nickname first, if you refuse or are caught with a different offensive nickname you will be punished.​

    |Tier III Rules
    First offense: 7d ban
    Second offense: 1-month ban
    Third offense: Perm ban

    Advertising IP addresses/Server names with or without additional information with the purpose to reroute players to another server. This includes but is not limited to any IP that looks genuine regardless if it was a joke or not.​

    NOTE: Players who are new to the network and have the sole purpose of advertising, will be permanently banned.​


    Any statements and remarks made towards another player, or their family and friends that can be interpreted to threaten harmful actions. Joking matter or not.


    Attempt to mislead players to break rules or get in trouble by pretending to be an existing staff member.​

    Bugs and issues should always be reported as soon as they are found. Anyone found using these bugs will be punished regardless if you were only testing it.​

    |TP Trapping
    Any trap that disallows a player to escape out of. This does not count for Factions.​

    |Inappropriate Builds
    Any form of builds that seem inappropriate to the server. Includes inappropriate cannons (Factions) E.G penis nukers.​

    Destroying plots, islands, and claims that do not belong to you or the island owner.​

    > Skyblock: Placing spawners and other blocks/items on an island will belong to the owner. Leaving the island and taking items without owner consent is a form of griefing.
    > Factions: All griefing rules are exempt on this server. However, Cobble Monstering the spawn is prohibited.​

    |Tier IV Rules
    First offense: Perm ban (with appeals)
    Second offense: Blacklist

    |Inappropriate Username/Skin
    Having a username with offensive words or anything that breaks current rules. Having a skin that is inappropriate. (sexual, offensive to historical events, etc) You will be required to change the name and/or before you can appeal for an unban.​

    |Malicious Links
    Any links that redirect you to a malicious website which grabs your personal information.​

    |DDoS / Hack Threats
    Any threats that regard with hacking into another player account or interfering with a players connection.​

    |Scamming / In Real Life Money ONLY
    Any form of scams in which tricks a player into paying another player with in real life money for in-game items.​

    |Unfair Modifications / Hack Clients
    Any form of illegal clients that give the player an unfair advantage over other players. Every staff member is required to gather evidence before a punishment is issued.
    > View illegal modifications:

    |Personal Information / DOX Leaks
    Releasing any personal information without the players consent. Before action is taken, staff should investigate and verify that the victim has a problem with his or hers information released.​

    |DDoS / DoS Threats
    DDos / DoS attacks are not allowed. Threatening a player with these actions is also prohibited. This includes but is not limited to phrases such as: Sending you packets, I'm gonna fry your router, I’m going to DC you.​

    |Toxicity / Non-Constructive Criticism / Taunts
    All toxicity, insults and nonconstructive criticism towards new players will either result in a warning, mute or ban from all fadecloud platforms. Examples of acceptable and prohibited criticism:​
    Acceptable criticism
    • I dislike <this> because of <this>.
    • <This> is not the best idea, maybe change it to <this>.
    • Your pvp skills can improve.
    • This isn't working out because <this>.
    Prohibited criticism
    • This server is dead.
    • Staff are trash, can't do their jobs right.
    • I'm quitting because this server is trash.
    • Who's this random?

    Any issues or concerns, private message one of the staff members in the administrator team. All threads regarding the rules will be locked/deleted.
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