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We hope to see you in game!
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NEWS Karma Release - June 13th - $1,750 Island Top Rewards


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I’m loving this but like I need a team lol


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Skyblock Karma Season #1
June 13th / 3 PM EST / Saturday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Paypal Rewards
Total Prize Pool: $1,750 In rewards

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75 Buycraft
• Place #3 - $50 Buycraft
• Place #4 - $15 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $10 Buycraft

Winners will be determined every Saturday at 3 PM EST


All the changes that have been made on the reset server:

• New Spawn​
• New Warzone​
• Moved bosses to another location where there is no PVP​
• Revamped fadepass​
• Revamped crates​
• Revamped economy​
• Recoded spawner plugin​
• Recoded robots​
• Recoded mobcoins​
• Recoded generators​
• Buffed sugarcane & netherward prices​
• Added a boss and koth crate​
• Revamped boss rewards [boss keys only now]​
• Revamped koth rewards [koth keys only now]​
• Revamped mobshop​
• Added a mobcoin traveler shop​

FadeCloud Pass

For those who don't know what /pass is:
Complete over 80 challenges and receive rewards. All players will be able to do the pass and claim free rewards but to claim premium rewards you must purchase the pass at for 14.99USD

We have removed McMMO related challenges because they were annoying to the players and we replaced them with fishing, mob kills, and /warp mine mob kill challenges. Hopefully, it will feel a lot better now while working on the pass.

Robot Revamp

We heard everyone loud and clear, the robot system on destiny is super rusty and doesn't feel good! We recoded our robots plugin to fit everyone's needs, it is now 10x better. We have combined all the tasks into one robot so that each robot can do mining or kill mobs. Additionally, we have added two new tasks that robots can do:

• Selling Task - Robots will now sell chests inside the chunk [max 3], You can also upgrade the robot for it to sell with a multiplier.
• Chunk Task - Robots will now keep chunks loaded in a 3x3 space, this can be upgraded as well.

Additionally, the new way to upgrade robots is with robot chips. Right-click your robot with a chip and it will upgrade the robot to the next tier. Each chip will upgrade ALL of the robot tasks instead of just one. You can find the robot chips in the mob shop for mob coins.

Mobcoin Revamp

We have recoded the mob coin shop because we received a lot of complaints from destiny about them. Mob coins will now have 2 types of shops. One shop that rotates every 24hours and another one that is always there with items. The traveler shop will also have a stock system so that players do not abuse the overpowered items. The stock will replenish once new items come.

Additionally, mob coin chances have been changed. Every kill will now grant you 0.25 mob coins, which means every 4 kills you will receive 1 mob coin. Moreover, we revamped the economy for mob coins to better suit this kind of system.

Generator Revamp

I think its time to get a new generator plugin. The current one is super old and nasty. It doesn't work well with the new system so we decided to remake it as well. We made them generate MORE mob coins and have them automatically added to virtual storage, you will need to click the storage to collect the mob coins. (Goodbye hoppers)

Additionally, we added a KOTH generator and a BOSS generator (10 mob coins per minute). These generators will ONLY be obtained from koth and boss events and will be the most OP generators in-game.

Server Information
Server IP:
Sounds dope and ever more polished!


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this is cool and all but, #UnbanExtenseFromTheDiscord


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