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We hope to see you in game!
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OFFICIAL January Staff Wave!


Server Manager
Server Manager

Hey guys! Quick update to the staff team. I know its early but I felt it would be a good time to get some early promotions out of the way. Promotions usually happen at the end of the month and I know you guys are confused.

We have a lot planned for Fadecloud...

Skyblock Reset

Lets be honest here. Skyblock has been rough this season. We were on a good path but we eliminated a few things that made skyblock good. We plan to reintroduce these things so that the community can be happy and we can progress to something better.

Prison Reset

Prison. PRISON. SHEEEESH. Prison has been AMAZING.
Reset is going to be soon though so im excited for another successful season

Factions Reset

We should be looking at some changes to address bugs and balancing the eco. Also rules will be changing to avoid some of the issues we had this past season.
I am hoping that we have a better season. If you would like. Drop your suggestions in my PMs on here OR discord (discord preferrably) and we can work on a smooth reset.

KitPvp Reboot

You guys may be tired of hearing this but I Promise you (i dont make promises often) that it is finally coming. KitPvp will be released very very soon.
With this there will be an event coming! I will announce it along with the reset post.

While these are not happening right now I imagine you will see a lot of development on these things in the next week or two. I just want to be a bit more proactive and optimist about the future of our server.

Now for the staff promos:

First of all Inkloi has resigned as the Media Manager. Sad to see him go but we wish him the best on his future endeavors.

@Kungfoos will be taking over as Media Manager from this point on! She has already done well in bringing in content creators and I am hyped to see how things progress.

@SouwaSkittles has finally been promoted to Admin!

Also, We have 4 new staff members (well 3 of them are returning) So lets give them a warm welcome
@josh_wa @Owsss @Sam @Cal

I am seriously excited for the changes coming guys.
2021 is looking to be good so far!

Best Wishes
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January Janurary

Congrats everyone!


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she build differently


congrats to everyone who got promos, also I cant wait for kitpvp :)


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congrats everyone


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Welcome, and welcome back to the new helpers!