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UPDATE January Staff Wave & Top Voters


Community Manager
jan staff wave.png

The staff wave is now complete, thank you to everyone who applied.

The following members were promoted:

xPiggie | Player → Helper
zVisualCC_ | Player → Helper

Leanan | Senior Moderator → Administrator
Limme | Moderator → Senior Moderator
360fps | Helper → Moderator

Top Voters rewards are means for the Management and Staff to provide rewards to the community as a thank you for the continued support and incentive to stay as a crucial member of the community. The following users have supported the server by voting most days this month and therefore have received the top voters rewards.

vote top jan.png

All winners should check their mail in /hub1 soon for your code.

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management​


Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator
Thanks for the promo! and gg to everyone, @Leanan you earned it :)


Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator
Lets goooo Leanan!
Congrats to everyone who got promoted or accepted, y'all deserved it.


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
couldn’t quit fade before leanan got admin, very good choice chris

gg to everyone else who got promo’ed


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
ABout time leanan is admin. Gg to come on mod and limme on sr mod.

Grats on staff you helpers