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Implementing Factions Reset

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Hello Faders,

After weeks of hard work I am immensely excited to proclaim that factions is now reset. We have multiple new features for you guys to mess around with. Moreover, novice ranked players now have the ability to open one player vault. We heard your suggestions and they are now live!

Do you have equipment that you will never use? do you have enchantment stars with extremely low success rates? will now they can be exchanged for valuable stuff. Introducing the tinkerer, you can access him via /tinkerer or at spawn. Trading enchant stars with him will give you magic dust and trading armor with him will give you experience bottles.

Magic Dust
Its really frustrating getting an enchant start with a low success rating. With our new dust system you can now get high success rates. After trading enchant stars with the tinkerer, you will receive secret enchant stars.

After opening secret dust, you have a chance to either fail or receive a random success rate that can be applied on an enchantment star. You may only apply a dust if it corresponds with you enchant star. For example, if you you are trading epic enchant stars with the tinkerer, you will receive epic secret dust which means you can only apply those on epic stars.

There is also a small chance to double and even triple your percentage after opening a secret star, this means you can get up to 30% extra success rate but it is extremely rare.

Enchants Information
We now have a new, more organized, way on informing you on what each enchantment does. /enchants <page #> will display 10 enchantments per page in alphabetical order. That being said, we will also begin to deploy 5-10 new enchantments per week! thats right, we'll have a lot of new enchantments which will balance the gameplay.

King Of The Hill
Many players have been requesting this specific event. KOTH (King of the hill) will now be running four times a week. It will give you extremely over powered items for capping a point for 10 minutes. You can view these rewards using the /koth loot command. KOTH is scheduled as following:

Monday - 5:00 PM EST
Wednesday - 6:00 PM EST
Friday - 7:00 PM EST
Sunday - 8:00 PM EST

These dates and timings are subject to change.

Faction Top
This feature was disabled last season due to the multiple issues it created. We have repaired the plugin and it should now be working. At the end of each season the top faction leaders (top 3) will receive goodies for the next season. In order to get on the list, you must have as many spawners and ore blocks in your claimed bases and to access the top faction list merely type /ftop in-game.

Hopefully everyone is having fun with the reset. We highly recommend that you view this changelog to acknowledge more about the enchantments: http://fadecloudmc.com/forums/threads/changelog-november-18-2016.25609/

Note: we currently have /level disabled due to duplication issues. It will be re-enabled as soon as we resolve the issue.

Kind regards,
FadeCloud Staff Team.

Damm this is lit but can you add this to skyblock


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@Inkzzz Do you think some of these could be added to skyblock, as well? :p
(Also I love the vault for nonranks norankrights)!


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I might start playing again if i get invited to a decent faction
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