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OFFICIAL Global Server Rules

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Last Update: 10/17/2020

| Interface
These rules apply to all users on the FadeCloud Network, regardless of any package or rank purchased from our store. If you fail and/or refuse to comply and follow these rules, you may be permanently banned or muted, therefore, we highly recommend that each user reads and follows these rules to avoid receiving punishments. We strongly prohibit any kind of punishment avoiding which includes the usage of alternative accounts.

All decisions made by the staff are final. If you feel a member of our team is abusing please report them using the correct forum section or contact another staff member, preferably an admin.

| Disclaimer
  • Admins reserve the right to change these rules with or without notice.
  • Admins can permanently ban at their discretion if you are considered to be a nuisance to the server, staff, or its players.
    Not all examples are listed in the rules, and Players can be punished for something that is not directly specified.
  • Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules before using any of our services.
  • Staff members are required to keep proof of your punishments for seven days (This excludes warnings and mutes less than a day). Any appeals or complaints after that will not be reviewed and they will be denied.
  • If you are muted more than 20 times within a time span of 1-2 months (The severity of these offenses will also be monitored), admins can issue a permanent mute if they feel that you are a nuisance to the server, staff, or players. You may appeal to be unmuted/ unbanned after 6 months of being permanently muted/ banned for being a nuisance.
  • Notice: If a player asks a question such as "Is [insert rule breaking word here] a mute?" They will not be punished. If a player asks something such as "What were they muted for? [Insert rule breaking word here] ?" They, again, will not be muted. However, if a player asks a question such as "What are you, [insert rule breaking word here] ?" that will be a muted. Keep in mind there are only some examples, staff will decide based off of context and common sense on what should and should not be a mute in scenarios such as this.

| Purchasing an Unban
If you have been punished and are at fault of a valid ban, we permit users to purchase up to 3 unbans. You must appeal, requesting to purchase an unban using the same format as a Ban/Mute Appeal.

Unban Purchases are not permitted to users who were punished for the following:
• Malicious Links
• IRL Scamming*
• Foreign Trades
• Personal Information//DOX Leaks
• IRL Threats
• Glitching*
• Exploiting*
• Forging Proof
• DDoS//Hack Threats

*Administrators reserve the right to vote for the approval of an Unban Purchase with a Unanimous Vote among the Administrators/Management and the approval of PapaMew.


| 1 | Spam // Chat flooding // Spam promotion
Any sort of obnoxious spam, please try to avoid this.

Examples of spam include continuously posting the same thing over and over again in chat. If you are trying to advertise a shop/item/auction via macro or manually, you must keep your ads and repeating messages 3 minutes apart, this also applies when advertising your twitch/youtube stream. This also includes [item]ing an item. No exceptions. If you use multiple accounts to bypass the 3-minute shop/stream advertisements, all accounts involved will be punished.

1st Offence (Warning) 2nd Offence (10min mute) 3rd Offence (30min mute) 4th Offence (1h mute) 5th Offence (1d ban)
6th Offence (3d ban)

After the 3rd offence, players should recognize that ‘Spamming’ is against the rules, thus any offences after the 3rd Offence, we will just assume you’re doing it to disrupt the community. If we feel that this was the case after the 6th offence, then a 7d ban will be provided for further offences (However, this can and will change up to admins discretion).


| 2 | Harassment // Excessive player and Server disrespect
Excessive disrespect/ harassment of a player or groups of players will not be tolerated, this includes staff or server disrespect. If you have a problem with the server, either create suggestions, bug reports or threads, but negativity will not be accepted or effective. This is similar for Staff, if you have issues with a staff member report them on the forums, any negativity towards them will be punished for Harassment, don’t be surprised if you’re punished for it. Staff and Players will be encouraged if spoken about negatively to create a file on said player(s) to show the ‘Constant Harassment’, which will be presented to Management. If we feel that there has been harassment towards a staff member or player over a period of time is enough then punishments over the stated offences, even perm bans and blacklists will be handed out.

Examples include this server is shit or speaking about the server in negative context over a period of time (excessive), similarly for players or staff.

The following punishments will be handed out if we feel that the Excessive Player, Staff and Server Disrespect is not enough to permanently remove said user, and/or we feel that the user will respect the punishment and not continue to harass afterwards.

NOTE If this is excessive you may be removed from the network by an admin if they feel you are harmful to the server.

1st Offence (1h mute) 2nd Offence (24h mute) 3rd Offence (2d ban) 4th Offence (7d ban) 5th Offence (14d ban) Continued Offences (Permanent Ban)


| 3 | Offensive Language // Racism // Sensitive Subjects
Severe offensive language/hate speech directed to a player or used in a negative connotation/context is not allowed, keep your opinions to yourself.

This includes but is not limited to Homophobia, Racism, Religious beliefs, POLITICS, Catastrophic events and Self Harm if used negatively against them. An example would be calling a player a faggot or a n****r, any variations, especially towards players trying to be smart such as saying “Nick Gur”, will not be tolerated, we’re not stupid. Any racial terminology, whether it is a joke or not, is punishable. No exceptions. You will be punished throwing around “gay” as an insult or using it in a negative manner. This includes saying things such as “this server is so gay” or “you’re gay”. Calling yourself “gay” is not punishable, but please be considerate towards others. Stating that “God isn’t real” will not be tolerated, we appreciate that players have their opinions and respect freedom of speech, but take your freedom of speech away from a Minecraft server, we’re here to relax and have fun, not take things too seriously. Laughing about events such as a terror attack or self harm will also fall under this punishment. Usernames, Builds, Capes and Skins will be punishable by (permban), until changed only if Homophobic, Racist, Religious beliefs, Catastrophic events and Self Harm if used negatively against players or a group of people.

NOTE Punishment Offences will be skipped if we feel it is excessive

1st Offence (12h mute) 2nd Offence (1d mute) 3rd Offence (5d ban) 4th Offence (7d ban) 5th Offence (14d ban) Continued Offences (Permanent Ban)


| 4 | Offering foreign trades // Going through with foreign trades // Scamming In-Real life Money
Offering any trades outside the FadeCloud servers is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, trading money in other games. Anything that is not involved with the server FadeCloud, is not allowed to be used for a trade.

Examples of this include offering or asking for CsGo skins, VBucks, capes, accounts in exchange for server side or IRL currency. All trades must be Fade to Fade such as in-game items/currency for something in our store. You will be punished for saying things such as “Offering VBucks for 1 million on Prison!” or “Looking to buy CsGO skins for 1 million each on Skyblock!”

Offering | 1st Offense (Warning) 2nd Offense (10min mute) 3rd Offense (20min mute) 4th Offense (1h ban) 5th Offense (1d ban) Continued Offenses (2d ban)

NOTE If the trade is completed, you will be punished for going through with Foreign trades.

Any completed trades outside the FadeCloud servers are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to trading money in other games. Anything that is not involved with the server FadeCloud, is not allowed to be used for a trade.

Examples of this include offering or asking for CsGo skins, VBucks, capes, accounts in exchange for server side or IRL currency and actually going through with said trade. All trades must be Fade to Fade such as in-game items/currency for something in our store. You will be punished for actually going through with the trade. The user who is receiving the IRL money will be punished, reports from the user who provided the IRL money will be accepted, however, if we find that this is a common occurrence you will also be punished.

Going through | 1st Offence (14d ban) 2nd Offence (30d ban) 3rd Offence (60d ban) 4th Offence (Permanent ban) 5th Offence (Community Removal)

Any form of scams that tricks a user into paying another player with real-life money for in-game items. Such as, going through with an IRL deal, however the user who receives the IRL money does not go through with their trade.

NOTE Scamming in-game items for in-game money is not punishable.

Scamming | 1st Offence (Community Removal)


| 5 | Unintentional Advertisement // Intentional Advertisement
Saying a server name or IP is not allowed, even if the name or IP is legitimate or fake.

An example of Unintentional Advertisement includes mentioning server names other than FadeCloud. You will be punished if you were to say “Let’s go and play Skywars on *******” or “Shall we go and duel on ******”. Only exception is the Hypixel network due to the popularity of it.

1st Offence (warning) 2nd Offence (30min mute) 3rd Offence (12h mute) 4th Offence (1d mute) 5th Offence (1d ban) Continued Offences (3d ban)

Players who are advertising a server with the sole purpose of rerouting several players will be banned for intentional advertisement.

1st Offence (PermBan)

An example of Intentional Advertisement includes “JOIN MC.EXAMPLE.NET FOR FREE RANKS”. This rule is usually broken by bots.


| 6| IRL Threats
Any threats towards another player or their family IRL is not allowed, even if in a joking matter. This includes threats or comments that could be interpreted as a threat towards themselves or their personal lives outside of Minecraft.

Examples of IRL threats include family, workplace, friends. Things such as “I’m going to burn your house down” or “I’m going to swat your house” will not be tolerated. Things like “I’m going to kick you”, “I’m going to slap you”, “I’m going to fuck you up”, “I’m going to kill you” will be accepted If we feel that the two users are joking with each other, both will be asked, if one claims that it isn’t a joke then a punishment may be granted.

NOTE: Punishment Offences will be skipped if we feel it is excessive

1st Offence (30d ban) 2nd Offence (Permanent ban)


| 7 | Teleport Trapping
TP trapping includes warping a player via command, signs, or even comments in chat to an area they cannot escape and will ultimately die. This includes tricking people into pvp without them knowing and killing them.

Examples of TP trapping includes posting comments in chat such as “tp for free diamonds” and killing them or asking someone to “press a sign” which spawns them near or into lava etc.

NOTE This does not apply to Factions.

1st Offence (3d ban) 2nd Offence (7d ban) 3rd Offence (14d ban) 4th Offence (30d ban) 5th Offence (Permanent ban)


| 8 | Griefing
Destroying plots, claims that you do not own is not allowed. This includes Prison Plots, Survival Claims and Islands. All griefing rules are exempt from Factions unfortunately griefing/raiding is part of the game so be careful who you trust.

Examples of griefing include breaking down structures or buildings on plots, claims or destroying the way something looks with Lava, Water etc.

NOTE Although griefing is not allowed on Prison, Skyblock, Survival there is no guarantee that your items will be replaced, but users will be punished if we are able to find proof of them doing it, only trust people you know won’t betray you. Always keep track of what you have!

1st Offence (7d ban) 2nd Offence (30d ban) 3rd Offence (60d ban) 4th Offence (Permanent ban)


| 9 | Glitching // Flying In PVP
You will only be punished for Glitching if a case that you were glitching to annoy or ruin a player, players or the community's experience can be built. Glitching on the server would include Block Glitching in any PvP Area. Tping Glitches, Combat Logging Glitches if to annoy or ruin a player’s experience. If a glitch is found, staff must record or gather evidence and are required to discuss it with Administration before punishing.

Flying In PVP at any point in time, will also result in the same punishment.

1st Offence (3d ban) 2nd Offence (7d ban) 3rd Offence (14d ban) 4th Offence (Permanent ban)


| 10 | Exploiting // Duping
Bugs and issues should always be reported as soon as they are found. You will be punished if you are caught using the bug for personal or group gain. If you are testing a bug, please have a recording of it or have a staff member present to check it out and do not repeatedly test the bug. People who are Exploiting or Duping are usually on the server to break the economy and due to the nuisance it causes a punishment will be granted.

Exploiting bugs includes duping, money multipliers etc.

1st Offence (Permanent Ban)


| 11 | Forging Proof
Forging proof against a player in spite of getting themselves punished by making it look like they hack with the use of a software or tampering/faking screenshots of chats.

Examples of this include photoshopping screenshots or editing footage of another play to make it look like they are hacking or breaking rules when in fact they are not.

1st Offence (Permanent Ban)


| 12 | DDos // Dox // Hack Threats
Any threats that involve hacking into another player account or interfering with a player's connection is not allowed, even as a joke.

An example of DDoS and hacking threats include “I’m going to fry your router”, “I’m booting you off” “I’m going to Hack you” or suggesting that you have someones IP or information, we will assume you will be doing something illegal with the information, there is no other purpose that would serve.

NOTE Punishment Offences will be skipped if we feel it is excessive

1st Offence (30d) 2nd Offence (Permban)


| 13 | Malicious Links // Doxing // DDoSing
Posting links in chat that redirect you to a malicious website that steals your information won’t be tolerated.

An example of this includes but is not limited to ip grabbers.

If you decide to leak someone's personal information without consent, you will be punished. Personal information includes, full real names (unless already publicly announced on the server), social media, addresses etc. Before action is taken, staff should investigate and verify that the victim has a problem with his or her information being released. Please don’t post addresses or numbers even if fake or a joke.

Examples include things like “John’s address is 123 MineCraft Lane” or “John’s mobile number is 123456765676”

1st Offence (Community Removal)


| 14 | Illegal Modifications // Hacked Clients
Any form of illegal clients that give the player an unfair advantage over other players. Every staff member is required to gather evidence before a punishment is issued. Please don’t use “I didn’t know” as an excuse, we have provided an illegal modifications list. If you are still unaware of whether certain modifications are allowed just ask a staff member.

If you are Grinding while looking away (AFK Grinding), you will be required to pay attention to the game as well. If you don't, it can appear as you are using an Illegal Modification. This includes clicking chests while AFK. If you are punished for Illegal Mods/Hacks for AFK Grinding, there is no possible counter-proof that can be provided. We suggest checking in while grinding frequently if you want to pay attention to something else. In regards to autoclicker, which is used often while grinding mobs, to gather proof we will message you 5 times in the space of 5 minutes. We will then tp you around, if you continue to strike while being moved from your Grinder you will be suspected of Auto Clicking. “I was watching netflix” will not be accepted as an excuse for you not seeing your TP. Please do not AFK grind if you CANNOT check in game at least every 5 minutes.

Examples of illegal modifications include Hacked Clients such as Wurst or Autoclickers.

1st Offence (Permanent ban)


| 15 | Alt Abusing
Using an excessive amount of alts shows us that you're using the power of getting public alternative accounts in order to give yourself an unfair advantage. You are allowed an infinite amount of alternate accounts on all servers (Be reasonable, try to limit yourself to 10). In the event that you purchased the Minecraft account from the official website rather than using a public alt gen, you can record yourself changing the skin of the account in order to be unbanned. Alt abusing can also include using an alt/s you own. Using GKits and Member kits are permitted, as they are obtained through purchases and the universal role.

Examples include using an alt account on prison to boost your main account, using an alt to boost chances in /jp and using an alt on skyblock to place generators to exceed the island limit.

1st Offence (Permban of all alts) 2nd Offence (Permban of main)


| 16 | Public Boosting
If a member of the community is using their Main or Alts to allow the community, or a select few from the community, to gain a major advantage for free (This does not include public grinders, as they are not major advantages and the Island Members get the drops from the grinder, rendering them not completely free), they will be punished accordingly. Using an Alt to accomplish this will result in punishment via Rule 15, regardless of giving yourself an advantage or not. Using your main account to allow players to gain an advantage over another for free won't be tolerated and will be punished via Rule 16; this includes players who partake in the action of obtaining these items for free. Using accounts to AFK spawners, gens, etc. is allowed as long as those accounts are not obtaining the proceeds for free (Exception: Prison Miners).

Examples include AFKing a MobCoin generator on a players island to obtain them for free.

NOTE: This does not mean the island this is occurring on is in trouble, as an investigation would need to be required to figure out if the island is allowing this publicly, privately, or not at all.

1st Offence (7d Ban) 2nd Offence (14d Ban) 3rd Offence (30d Ban) 4th Offence (Permanent ban)


| 17 | Community Disruption // Community Removal
Community Disruption punishments are granted to players we feel are not interested in playing FadeCloud as civil, respectful members of the community and/or are only members of the FadeCloud community to cause issues, toxicity and hostility for Players, Staff and the Server. This includes constant Toxicity, Negativity and Player or Staff Disrespect, anything that may affect Players, Staff’s or the Communities experiences negatively. This punishment will be given out if we feel that the user who has been punished will benefit positively and grow after this punishment ends. This punishment will only be granted by Administrators +, however, Staff and Players are encouraged to gather evidence if they feel a user is Disrupting the Community. This offence is appealable.

1st Offence (30d Ban) 2nd Offence (Community Removal)

Previously known as Blacklisted, Community Removal punishments are granted to players we feel will not benefit from a Community Disruption ban. These users have been given chance after chance and refuse to change their ways. This punishment will also be granted if we feel that you’re a threat to players, staff or the server or we feel you have caused serious harm to players, staff or the server. This punishment will only be granted by Managers +. This offence is NOT appealable or unbannable. Community Removal punishment may be added to perm bans, blacklists or punishments after a user is punished to inform you of the decision made by Management to remove you from the server permanently.

1st Offence (Community Removal)


| 18 | Mute Evasion // Ban Evasion // Botting
If you use an alt to evade a mute your main will be banned for the remainder of the time and your alt will also be muted for the remainder of the time. If you break a rule while muted on your main in something such as /shout, party chat, /msg and so on, you will be banned for the remainder of the mute unless the punishment is greater than the remainder.

Ban evasion is also a punishment. If you are caught evading a ban, you will be banned for the remainder of the original punishment. We will not accept the excuse of "this is my brothers, sisters or dogs account", therefore proof of '1v1' is NOT accepted. You are responsible for your own IP and thus you must inform your 'brother, sister or dog' that they MUST NOT log onto the server If you are banned, as they will be punished. Exceptions will and can be made.

NOTE If the evading continues- Your main account, may get extended time added onto the ban (Discussion made with approval of the Management team)

Botting is also NOT allowed; You will be permanently removed from our community with no further appeals!


Decisions made by staff members are final. Do not argue with a punishment that has been made by one of the staff at FadeCloud. If you feel that one of our Staff members have falsely punished you, please create a ban appeal and if you feel it is needed, a staff report. Any issues or concerns, private message one of the staff members in the administrator team.

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