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NEWS Forums Update & KitPVP Closure



| Forums Update

If you’re reading this, without a doubt you’re aware of our recent Forums update. There’s a split reaction but we hope you’ll look at this forums update with an open mind.

I’ve personally had a few requests of making old themes available for use. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible, this update wasn’t only cosmetic. We're now using XenForo 2, whereas the old themes were XenForo 1, so it wouldn't be possible for us to just add the old themes. Obviously, XF2 is so much better and a lot cleaner, hence why we decided to get a new theme and upgrade to XF2.

Hope that makes the decision a little more understandable rather than people just thinking this was a cosmetic update.

As of this update, old XenForo 1 forum plugins no longer work (such as forms) meaning for the meanwhile we require you copy and paste forms that we have provided under the designated forum.

I’ve also decided to allow people the ability to comment on Helper Applications after this was requested quite frequently. For the people who have probably missed this update this is an update we've been going back and forth with. Staff have been directed to delete all posts that either +1 or -1 without reason, as well as posts that are deemed disrespectful. If we see that people are abusing the opening up of applications I'll begin by removing their ability to view and comment on applications. If this is still an issue we'll be forced to close applications once again.

| KitPVP Closure

Unfortunately, after careful consideration FadeCloud has decided to shut down KitPVP. I’m sure we can all agree that KitPVP wasn’t getting a substantial player count to keep the server up and running. Mew and Developers tried to revive KitPVP and bring back features that were highly requested (such as the beloved tree map), but all this did was lose the small player count it did have.

However, I won’t and can’t reveal much but we aren’t just planning on removing KitPVP without a substitute. Mew is already working on bringing another server to the Network (more to be announced nearer release).

In conclusion, I hope you’ll enjoy our updates and for those who don’t understand reasoning for them.

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management


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Former Staff
FIRST !!!!


Head Administrator
Head Administrator
Spicy Updates


Godly Fader
Former Staff
Calling it now. KitpvpV2 coming next


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
rip kit, that’s where i did my best punishment farming


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Former Staff
RIP KitPvP also new forums is lit.


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new forums is like ugly. ngl
Yes verry good bring other servers instead of fixing bugs in the existing ones! Keep up the good work!


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HCF when? Kappa
Everything was probably for the better in this update, good job not fucking p staff!