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UPDATE Factions Reset - March 14th



Factions is now being reset! View the full change log in this post.​

March 14th, 2020
3 PM EST / Saturday

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Map Information
The following is the map information for the new season.

• 10 man Factions
• 4-second Cannons
• Spawner Economy
• Custom Enchantments
• Overworld border - 5000 x 5000
• Nether border - 2500 x 2500
• Moon border - 5000 x 5000
• 30 Day map - 7-day grace + 23 days of TNT
• Mining cost, f shield and /wild are set after the grace period.

Paypal Rewards
Payments will be distributed to the top 5 faction owners.

• Place #1 - $400 Paypal
• Place #2 - $300‬ Buycraft
• Place #3 - $200 Buycraft
• Place #4 - $60 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $40 Buycraft

The payout amounts listed above are the total amount were giving out to
the winners.

The payouts are split into 2 payments. One payment 7 day after tnt enables and the other after the season ends.

How to get your payouts if you win:
• Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal set <email>

All the changes that have been made on the reset server:

• New Spawn
• Revamped crates
• Revamped envoys
• Buffed mob coins - 10% chance to drop now.
• Redone /transfer shop.
• Mobs are no longer aggressive when grinding.
• Reduced knockback when fighting other players.
• Custom enchants will no longer disappear if you open them while your inventory is full.
• Divine kit added to /level.
• /level had a huge revamp - over 27 levels.
• Mystery armor sets reduced to 3 -> Doom, Eternal and Wicked.
• Koth buffed a bit. It should feel more rewarding.
• Killtrak and headless enchants now been fixed.
• Coins enchant a level 5 - 10% chance add on to the current chance so 20% total.
• Added symbol enchant - chance to deal double damage
• Added molten enchant - instant break obsidian blocks
• Added shadow enchant - chance to blind a target
• Added slime enchant - chance to give slowness & blindness to target
• Added inflame enchant - chance to deal more damage at low HP
• Added mastery enchant - Deals more damage to armor durability
• The whole mob stack doesn't die to fire aspect anymore.
• Enderman drops patched.
• Trench boxes added to /transfer, crates & store.fadecloud.com
• Tray pickaxe added - works like trench but removes only netherrack and dirt.
• Pillar wands added - removes a whole pillar of sand, obsidian or cobblestone.
• /trade message showing %amount% was fixed.
• Dying will now teleport you to spawn instead of the death screen.
• Daily quests revamped.
• You can no longer /back in neutral factions territory.
• Getting the XP boost from the outpost should now work.
• Bosses should actually work now.
• TNT bank limit increased to 1,000,000
• Fixed /backing to the outpost
• Koth is now in a different world (/warp koth)
• Bosses are now spawned in a different world (/warp bosses)
• Some faction shield fixes added
• Added an anti-cheat back
• Fixed vclipping
• Fixed some f upgrades that were not working
• Fixed some visual GUI looks in /outpost

Whats New?

Level Revamp
We have added a new /level plugin to replace the old one. The new plugin will now require mob kills & money to level up instead of experience, which was how we had it in the past. We have also made some serious buffs to /level as we feel that the level system is a very crucial part of fade factions.

New Tools - Pillar Wands and Tray Pickaxes
There have been some requests and we hear you. We've added 2 brand new tools into the game mode.

Pillar wands will allow you to break a whole pillar of obsidian, cobblestone or sand! This should make base building / removing easier. You can obtain the pillar wand in /transfer or in crates.

We've also added tray pickaxes. These boys will act like trench pickaxes but will only break blocks that are of type netherrack and dirt. It should help to clear out unwanted blocks inside your base. Actually, I'm going, to be honest, I don't know why you guys wanted this.

Discord: http://discord.gg/Tbt59dw
IP: FadeCloud.com

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Mythical Fader
Former Staff
Omg 400 PayPal?? Guess we shall tryhard this season


Aspirant Fader
Former Staff
oof this is big faction reset :eek: paypal 400! good luck to everyone playing this new reset!


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
Well sick time to sweat rip school and my grades. :))


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
I like the sounds of this! /Level is going to be a game changer! Good luck everyone and hope you all enjoy it!


Well-Known Fader
Woo lets see how this turns out. I hope it not the usual. Bosses should work or they will work no body knows... if they dont will it get fixed probably not.
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Well-Known Fader
you wanna start looking at suggestions???? I've had 1 up for 4 months. that should be closed and been denied or added yet u haven't even looked at it!!


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
lol i might come back and play this season for payouts
400$ paypal? time to come back maybe?
I don't like the idea of /f shield but i understand that if it isn't added then people will just offline all the time so i cant argue with it and i agree with what it is trying to do.
I am hoping since factions on this server isn't relatively big and the faction sizes are small you allow none or one ally and no truces so that way the top factions don't ally with each other like what has happened in the past This will make PVP'ing way more enjoyable knowing that you wont be ganked by the top factions working together. I personally think 1 ally would be the best but none works as well.
I personally think that it is not going to wipe until at least the 15 because FadeCloud always says they will wipe on a certain day then delay it because they are having "problems" because they didn't test the plugins and we are forced to wait another day to 4 days.
Another thing i am worried about is FadeClouds inconsistency to fix bugs and exploits. I remember reporting very many bugs and literal DUPING methods that people were abusing and they wouldn't be fixed for weeks, and that was not because it was a hard fix, it was because they never cared about factions enough to take the time to work on it. I just hope that they actually update factions and don't put it to the side after they release it like they always did...
Overall i hope for the best but i don't expect much. I want to be proven wrong but i feel that the chances of that happening are low.
Good Luck FadeCloud and Everyone Participating!

This is not meant to be hate towards the server. I truly do love this server, This was just my brutal honesty.
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Legendary Fader
Only $400? I wipe my ass with that during my morning shit.

is joke please no ban <3
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