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We hope to see you in game!
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NEWS Factions Reset Changelog (June 14) - $1,750 In Rewards



Hello Faders,

Factions has been reset and is here.

• 25 Man factions
• 40 Power
• 20 Chunk Buffers
• 60 Day Season / 6 Day Grace Period
• Spawner Economy

• Overworld: 10,000 x 10,000
• Nether: 4,000 x 4,000
• End: 10,000 x 10,000

Paypal Rewards

Payments will be distributed every week for the top 5 factions.

• Place #1 - $100 Paypal
• Place #2 - $75 Buycraft
• Place #3 - $50 Buycraft
• Place #4 - $15 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $10 Buycraft

Server Changelog

F top redesign
F upgrades added
Economy revamped
Crates revamped
Enchant plugin revamped
Relics added
Removed gear boosts
Revamped KOTH
New spawn + warzone
New enchant: Dynamite
Enchant EXP prices reduced
Base section added to /shop
Raiding section added to /shop
Bedrock section added to /shop
Rank vouchers added to crates
PayPal rewards added
Healthbar added below name tag
• Outposts added
• Daily quests added
• Mob coins revamped
• Gems added
• Redone /level
• New wisdom kit from /level
• Nova & reloaded added to the store
• No spawner stacking
• New outpost builds

Whats New

Mob Coins Revamp
The mob coin shop (/transfer) will now have every single item from the webstore in there. Every day new items will appear in the normal section and every 3 days new items will appear in the special section.

Faction Upgrades
Faction upgrades can now be bought by typing /f upgrades in-game. You must be a faction admin to run the command. Upgrades requires 2 currencies, Money and Gems. You can obtain gems through out envoys, koths and /level!

Faction Perms
By popular demand, we've added faction perms to allow players to configure all permissions for each faction rank. You can access the faction perms menu by typing /f perm in-game.

Capture the outposts to receive permanent boosts while you hold the position. There are two types of outposts, one being hero and one being villain. You can warp to each one of them and fight for the outpost!

Daily Quests
Complete daily quests and receive quest tokens. You can use tokens in the quest shop to purchase valuable items such as crate keys, upgrade gems and more! Players with ranks have access to more then 1 quest daily.

Hopefully you are all enjoying the season!




Well-Known Fader
Hah what a joke. First


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
Everyone enjoy this faction season!

Thanks to everyone who took their time to help improve factions including staff, the devs, mew himself and even the players.

Sincerely, SilentRequiems


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
Damn I already miss /stack. Can’t complain tho this season has really surprised me.


Well-Known Fader
Former Staff
Looks Fun


Active Fader
Looks good, good luck everyone!


Mythical Fader
Former Staff
Some really cool additions, I love the idea of the daily quest!


There are really good plugins in here personally made by mew, good work man!


Aspirant Fader
Good work! I love the new season. F top 1, here we come


- Austin


Well-Known Fader
Do cannons work now?