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We hope to see you in game!
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UPDATE Factions Reset - August 15th - 15 Day Map


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Factions Season #16
August 15th / 3 PM EST / Saturday
Click Here to view the count down until reset!

Map Information

The following is the NEW map information for the new season.

• 15 Man Factions (20 wIth /f upgrade)​
• 4-Second Cannons​
• 200 Power per player​
• 4 Custom worlds with 2500 x 2500 borders​
• 15 day maps - 6 days of grace & 9 days of TNT​

Grace Information

• Mining Costs will be disabled until grace period is over​
• Explosions are disabled until grace period is over​
• /fly & /wild will be disabled for 30 minutes at the start of the season​

Paypal Rewards

• Place #1 - $350 Paypal
• Place #2 - $200 Paypal
• Place #3 - $50 Paypal
• Place #4 - $25 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $25 Buycraft

Payouts will be given out at the end of the season (after 15 days)


All the changes that have been made on the reset server:

• Slight economy changes​
• Fully redone all crates​
• Added a koth & boss crate​
• Made bosses spawn more​
• Fully redone /transfter & nerfed a lot of prices​
• Added a castle world to grind silverfish​
• Fully redone enchantments (only potion enchantments & removed a bunch of trash)​
• Enchants cost way less now​
• Added white & dark scrolls to /enchanter​
• Dark scrolls remove ALL enchants from the item​
• Revamped all donor kits​
• Removed once kits & replaced them with a secondary kit for emerald+ donors​
• Changed the cooldowns on the fade kits​
• Increased TnT bank in /f upgrades​
• Added boosters that are obtained in crates​
• Nurfed McMMO hard​
• Added the Villian outpost​
• Made outposts work with autosell chunkchests​
• Buffed boss & koth rewards hard​
• Obsidian durability is set to 4 instead of 5​
• Removed allies​
• Faction shields last 12 hours​
• Buffed the harvest hoe​
• Added a harvest hoe shop​
• Bow boosting puts you in combat now​
• Added a new spawn​
• Added a new pvp world​
• Added a new boss world​
• Added the castle​
• Fixed a bunch of small issues​
• Small optimizations to the jar​
• Fixed some pearl issues​
• Raid system added​
• Fixed creeper explosion delay​
• improved bow boosting​
• removed the party system from mcmmo​
• fixed outposts with sell wands​
• improved /roam​
• Made gen buckets stop generating at the borders​
• Added a 5 min god apple cooldown​

The Nether Castle

The nether castle is a PVP zone where you can grind silverfish. Silverfish drops sell for $3,000 per nether star. At that zone, you will not be able to run ANY commands. The only way to leave the area is to find the portal which will then teleport you into another PVP zone where you can type commands.

To get to the nether castle you must create an end portal. You can purchase each end portal frame for $20,000 & each ender eye for $1,000 in /shop. We have also added an enchantment called "End Breaker" for you to mine those frames if you ever choose too.

Mob Coins Revamp

Mob coins now have a 30% chance of dropping for each mob kill you get, which is 3x more than previous seasons. We also redid the whole shop and added some new commands to the plugin such as /mobcoins top.

Enchantments Revamp

Enchants plugin has fully been remade to match the needs of our faction players. There is now only 3 enchant tiers and they are the following:

• Common Tier - 1,000 XP
• Rare Tier - 3,000 XP
• Divine Tier - 5,000 XP

You can view all the enchantments once you are in-game through /enchants. All of them have been recoded to be potion based & will not affect actual PVP skills. Moreover, the dark & white scrolls are also purchasable for 5,000 EXP in /enchanter. Dark scrolls now remove all enchantments from your items and put them in your inventory at 100% Success Rate so that you can transfer and make god sets easier!

Faction Boosters

We added boosters that are obtained from various crates & in our store. They are also obtained from Koth & Bosses. These boosters apply to your whole factions so everyone can benefit from it. You can view all your active boosters with /boosters.

Server Information
Server IP:
An actual decent map and I’m banned. Life’s hard.