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We hope to see you in game!
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UPDATE Factions Reset - April 25th



Factions is now being reset! View the full change log in this post.​

April 25th, 2020
3 PM EST / Saturday

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Map Information
The following is the map information for the new season.

• 10 man Factions
• 4-second Cannons
• Spawner / Cane Economy
• Custom Enchantments
• Overworld border - 5000 x 5000
• Nether border - 2500 x 2500
• Moon border - 2500 x 2500
• Red border - 2500 x 2500
• 30 Day map - 7-day grace + 23 days of TNT
• Mining cost, f shield and /wild are set after the grace period.

• Flight will be disabled for the sotw (Start of the World); 1 hour of no flight.

Paypal Rewards
Payments will be distributed to the top 5 faction owners.

• Place #1 - $400 Paypal + 50 Buycraft
• Place #2 - $200‬ Paypal + 50 Buycraft
• Place #3 - $200 Buycraft
• Place #4 - $60 Buycraft
• Place #5 - $40 Buycraft

The payout amounts listed above are the total amount were giving out to the winners.
The payouts are split into 2 payments. One payment 7 day after tnt enables and the other after the season ends.

How to get your payouts if you win:
• Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal set <email>

All the changes that have been made on the reset server:

• New Spawn
• New Warzone
• New Spawn

• Revamped crates
• Fixed clipping
• Obsidan Prices increased from $15 -> $75
• TnT prices increased from $81.25 -> $500
• Gold Ingot sell prices increased from $50 -> $60
• Sugarcane sell prices increased from $3 -> $15
• Bunch of other economy changes.
• Harvest Hoes added
• Fixed issue where sometimes faction data isn't saved.
• Added /pass
• Fixed issue where molten can be used to mine in owned claims
• Disabled left shooting & roof cannoning.
• Added horizontal dirt gens
• Added gems to once kits
• Added throwable creeper eggs to /shop for $500,000
• Fixed printer
• Removed slime & shadow enchants
• Fixed some more cannons
• Fixed fly issues that were happening
• Nurfed invisible potions
• Fixed the /printer command
• Fixed some upgrade issues
• Increased tray pickaxes radius
• Fixed /f shield issue where you can explode factions bases near the corners
• Added Ice Breaker enchantment - breaks ice instantly
• Nurfed mastery & paralyze enchantments by a little.
• /f top now shows factions potential value

What's New?

Harvest Hoe
We've added a harvest hoe into factions, the way you can obtain it is by voting one time and claiming it in /pass. You can upgrade this hoe up to 10 times, each time adding an extra sugarcane crop to automatically sell.

Roam Command
Players will now be able to type /roam to enter the spectator gamemode. You will be able to fly around into bases and view their spawners but you must stay within 80 blocks from your body. You will also only have 2 minutes to do so before going back into your body. You can then type the command again if you wish to view bases again, there is no limit just cooldowns.


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Good luck all its gonna be a good season :)
Factions is dead no one plays it the only people on are afk at farms


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Hella lit


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Sounds good. Well done Mew.


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i have a feeling you guys rushed it too much but it dont matter bc no one cares enough about factions on the dev team anyways o_O


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i have a feeling you guys rushed it too much but it dont matter bc no one cares enough about factions on the dev team anyways o_O
Got to Agree with this a little I do feel its rushed. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy it’s good to see that you add that one new thing and change the eco, but I feel I’d rather wait one more week then rush to get it out. In that week you could add like hardpoint or big issues that people may have.

At the end of the day, I and other people would rather wait than have issues down the road.
But none the less looks great and I’m counting down the hours till Saturday.

or move it till next week
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Good luck all :)


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Damn boy I am excited for this


I'm so late but good luck to those competitive fac players :p


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this looked like it was fun