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EVENT Factions Raid Event!

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"3 I told u on discord theses walls you can not one shot it’s impossible. If I did a max buffer of walls it would take 1600 shots so I don’t think too many factions would want to cannon that. so I think the little walls we have are good for the first time."
First off, let me start off by saying i dont know a single wall that takes more then 2 shots to get through if you have the right cannon.
So a max 160 wall base would not take 1600 shots. Also I would LOVE and know other factions that would LOVE to cannon a max wall base. (Tstone,Icannon,Booty, ECT.)
But i do understand this is the first event, the one thing that you should DEFIANTLY do is the first to split the base gets the 100$ buycraft as that is only fair.
I only hope for the base in this raid event.
sir i know you cant 2 shot this wall prove me wrong in 20mins sir
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