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OFFICIAL Faction Rules

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Last Update: 10/11/18

| Interface
The general rules still apply on this server. Here the special rules are listed that apply on Factions only. Please make sure you have read these rules and have clear understanding of what they mean. Do not hesitate to ask any staff for further info. If you do not follow these rules an appropriate punishment will be given to the offender.

Any admin can change the rules without any notice. So please make sure to stay up-to-date with these rules.

1st offense - 7d ban
2nd offense - perm ban

| Cobweb // Unraidable blocks on base walls or on top of bases
These include but are not limited to wooden fences, iron bars, cactus, cobblestone walls & glass panes. You will either be told to remove it by a staff member or have the blocks removed by an admin.

NOTE You entire wall of these blocks will be removed.

| Buffer claims limit
Factions are only allowed to claim land 20 chunks from their base claims. Buffer claims start from the water of the first wall.

1st Offence: Unclaim of land.
| Alt faction
Using an alt faction to gain advantage is prohibited. This means you are NOT allowed to distribute your stuff to your alt and create another faction using that alt to gain additional f top rewards.

1st Offence: Disband of alt faction.

| Redstone mechanics on walls
Redstone on top of walls is not allowed. Any redstone mechanic found will be removed. So will the complete wall.

1st Offence: Removal of complete wall

| Alts afking in/on walls
Afking in walls or on top of them is not allowed

1st Offence: 3d ban
2nd Offence: 7d ban
3rd Offence: 1month ban
4th Offence: permanent ban

| Printer Patching
Printer is a mod that is allowed on Factions and Creative. It's mostly used on Factions to print out professional cannons when raiding to help shorten build time. Printer Patching is used by Factions that are being raided. You are only punished if your printer patch while being raided.

1st Offence: 7d
2nd Offence: 30d
3rd Offence: Permanent ban

| Watering/Lava Covering Spawners
Watering and Lava Covering your spawners makes it almost impossible for your spawners to be raided.

1st Offence: Warning + Asked to remove water/lava
2nd Offence: 7d ban + removal of watered/lava covered spawners
3rd Offence: 14d ban + removal of watered/lava covered spawners + Disqualified from FTOP rewards
4th Offence: 30d ban + Disqualified from FTOP rewards + removal of watered/lava covered spawners and Faction disband

NOTE All punishments are directed towards the faction owner for allowing their faction to water/lava cover their spawners.

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| Update Log
  • Updated on 10/15/18
    • Added onto 'Watering Spawners' rule the use of covering spawners with lava.
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