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OFFICIAL Faction Package

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Last Update: April 18th, 2020

Hello, Faders and Newcomers!

We are proud to announce a new feature to our network! Faction Packages!
The Contents of this Package are subject to change per-season; although, not guaranteed.

◉ Members must have never played on FadeCloud before.​
◉ Their Faction Roster should be at least 8 players.​
◉ Their Faction must have at least 6 of their members online at reset.​
◉ Their Faction members must be in the FadeCloud Discord (discord.gg/fadecloud)​

Terms and Conditions:
◉ This Package, along with all of its contents, will be revoked at the beginning of the following season, as this Package is to give new, competitive factions the opportunity to stand a chance in our competition.​
◉ Abusing our system in order to boost another faction or leaving your faction to join another will result in the package being revoked.​
◉ Members of the faction must be respectful towards the staff team and other players. Toxicity is part of the gamemode and banter is allowed; however, constant toxicity and disrespect will result in the package being revoked.​
◉ One of the members being blacklisted or removed from our network (No Longer Welcome) will result in the package being revoked.​
◉ Being Disqualified from FTop for one week or greater will result in the package being revoked.​
◉ Abusing a bug and/or duping will result in the package being revoked.​
◉ Quitting before the first payout will result in the package being revoked.​
◉ Not placing within the Top 10 Factions at the first payout will result in the package being revoked.​

How To Apply:
◉ If you meet the requirements and want to apply, please message @Andreq or @AlphaBeta on discord (Andreq#4109; AlphaBeta#0001) providing an invite to your faction’s discord and the list with all of the member’s in-game names. Andreq and AlphaBeta will be more than welcome to answer any questions not covered in “TERMS AND CONDITIONS:” and we will address them accordingly within the heading.​

◉ By contacting Andreq or AlphaBeta, you are stating you agree to and understand our Terms and Conditions.​
◉ Administration reserves the right of revoking or removing the package at any time.​
◉ Administration reserves the right of changing the content of the package, the requirements or the terms and conditions at any time without notice.​
◉ If purchasing an item in “CONTENT OF THE PACKAGE:” from store.fadecloud.com, please contact an administrator to prevent the loss of this item if the Terms and Conditions are violated or when a new season of Factions begins.​

Please note, the package contents are not vouchers, as to prevent transfer and abuse. After receiving approval from Andreq or I, we will ask you for the members you'd like the contents to be given to. We'd suggest speaking with your Faction prior to making the final decision as we will not transfer the permissions after the beginning of the season. We have no limit on members receiving the contents other than the obvious restriction of the same permission on a single account.

You can view our document here for a full list of Contents and More:
Official FadeCloud Faction Package

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