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OFFICIAL Events & Information

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Welcome to the Events subform. This will be used for Management, including Administrators to post events that are going to take place around FadeCloud. You need to be in it to win it, therefore, make sure to keep checking this sub forum every week so that you don't miss any events. If you would prefer, events will also be announced via our discord server discord.gg/fadecloud.

All in game events will take place on the events server unless stated otherwise. You can access the events server using /events in the hub when an event is active (all times and dates given will be stated in the event announcement).

When will events be hosted?

Events will be created and posted into this subform around every 2 weeks, although some events may take longer to create due to development or resources.
The times of the events will be:

Weekdays (Monday - Friday): 3:00pm EST
Weekends (Saturday - Sunday): 12:00pm EST

What events do you currently have in preparation stage?

Events that are already planned and are either under development or ready to go are:

Similar to Hunger Games. Survival Games is an event where you engage in Combat and Survive to be the Last Man Standing with the help of items gained by finding crates around the map, as well as Hunting Others.

Spleef is an Event where you will need to combine speed with quick decision making to break blocks underneath your opponents as you try to avoid broken blocks and battle to be the Last Man Standing.

Keyboard Warriors is an agility game to race against other players to see who can type a word or phrase fastest. Similar to FadeCloud's very own chat games!

In this Event, your goal is to avoid the anvils that rain above. As the game progresses, the amount of anvils will continue to increase.

Test your strategic thinking and quick responses with the Floor is Lava Event! Run from Danger, Trap other Players and be the last man standing!

Where can we suggest events?

You can suggest events here. All suggestions will be taken into consideration. Suggestions will be reviewed every 2 weeks, this gives time for the thread to gather feedback, as well as further suggestions from other players on how your suggestion could be improved. Any approved suggestions that are yet to be prepared or created will be listed below:


- Skywars

Kind Regards,
FadeCloud Management​
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