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OFFICIAL Discord Nitro Boosting

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I'm making this thread to hopefully explain how to boost the Discord server which will allow you to get a godly key every week!

Let's start with the basics, here on Fadecloud we have a feature in-game where you can link your Discord account to your Minecraft account and receive rewards daily. Along with a daily reward, if you're boosting the server you will receive a Godly key weekly.

Now let's talk about how boosting works, boosting works by you paying a monthly cost to Discord to be able to "boost" a specific Discord server.
These boosts are normally $5 per boost but with Nitro (not classic) you get TWO free boosts along with a discount for buying more boosts.

Now let's think about the math. Before the Discord boosting update boosting the server wasn't as much of a deal as it is now.
Since a boost is only $5/month or $3/month for Nitro users that means you can boost
the server for one month for $5 or $3 and get FOUR Godly keys for that month.
Buying a boost for Fade for $5/month is HALF the cost of 5 Godly keys on the shop.
So you're getting FOUR Godly keys which is $2 off the cost of four Godly keys.

So now you're saying "Great, how do I do this?" Let me show you.

First, go in-game on Fadecloud and go to any sub-server and run the command "/discord".
You will receive a message that looks like this:

Next, if you're not already in it, join the Fadecloud Discord.
If the link in-game doesn't work, use this:

First, click on the message that starts with "!sync", this will put the command AND code in your chat box.
You can then hit control+a to select the entire command and code, then control+c to copy the message.
Then, go to the Fade Discord and go to the "fadebot-spam" channel then paste and send your message.

Now you should receive a message that looks something like this:

If you receive a message saying "Your account is already synced" then you already have your account linked to another account.
Keep in mind, you can only link ONE account to your Discord account.

After syncing your Discord account to your Minecraft account you can now head in-game again.
Go to your favorite sub-server and claim your free daily vote key using /daily.

Now onto the fun stuff, boosting.

First, make sure you're in the Fadecloud Discord. Then at the top of the Fadecloud Discord you should see a down arrow.
It will look like this:

Click that, then click the text that says "Server Boost", it will look like this:

That will then open a menu that looks something along the lines of this:

To boost the server all you need to do is click the "Boost This Server" button and fill out your details and you will now be boosting the server!
You can now claim your weekly Godly key using /daily!

Keep in mind, boosting is monthly and you have to continue to pay to receive your rewards.
Also, you can boost more then one time but this will NOT give you any extra rewards.
You do not have to have your account synced before you boost, when syncing your account it will automatically
check if you're boosting or not.

I hope this little guide helped you and may the Godly keys rain upon you!​
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