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OFFICIAL Allowed & Disallowed Modifications

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Last Update: 12/28/18

| Interface
This thread is going to list all the mods that are allowed and disallowed on the FadeCloud Network. We will not tolerate any player using the disallowed mods, and the appropriate punishment will be given. If you have any inquiries regarding this thread, please don't hesitate to message the staff team.

| Allowed Mods
  • Minimaps (Player and Entity Tracking must be disabled)​
  • Damage Indicators​
  • Replay Mod​
  • Better Sprinting​
  • Toggle Sprint (Toggle sneak included)​
  • Optifine​
  • Shaders​
  • Too Many Items​
  • Not Enough Items​
  • Status Effects​
  • Armor Status​
  • Coordinates Mods​
  • Mouse Tweaks​
  • Macros/Bots/Scripts (Not allowed in PvP, while killing mobs or mining/placing)​
  • Inventory Tweaks (Not allowed with potions, Pot PvP or Soup PvP)​
  • Auto Fish (not allowed on Survival or Skyblock)​
  • LabyMod​
  • Tabby Chat​
  • 5Zig​
  • Fastcraft​
  • Potion HUD​
  • Chat Companion​
  • Gamma​
  • Brightness​
  • Console Client (not allowed in pvp, only afk)​
  • Batty's Mod​
  • World Download
  • Old animations
  • Schematica Printer - Not allowed on Skyblock2 (Skyblock Karma)
| Disallowed Mods
  • Nuker​
  • X-Ray (This includes X-Ray texture packs)​
  • Scenters​
  • Hacked Clients​
  • Forcefield​
  • Smart Moving​
  • Player Radars​
  • Tracers​
  • Autoswitch​
  • Ghost Clients​
  • Fly​
  • Cave Finder​
  • Cheating Essentials​
  • Chest Finder or Chest ESP​
  • Player ESP​
  • Better Inventory​
  • AutoClickers​
  • Double Clicking​
  • Fly Boosting (Avoid cosmic client version 2.0.2)
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