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  1. Stergy

    EVENTS | Knock Out!

    Hey Faders, Welcome to the "Knock Out" event! Special thanks to @Camel for the event idea! (Special thanks as well to @cc519, @David, and @Chattinq for helping, too) Anyways, the event is "knock out". The event will be on the KitPvP server @ /warp event! What is knock out? Knock out will be...
  2. Stergy

    EVENTS | All Day Parkour!

    Hey Faders, Welcome to once again another event this weekend! This one is going to be a very special one. It will be a parkour event, but not your average one! To go to it, please go on Creative type /warp Parkour. The event will start on Saturday @ midnight (CST) and will end the next day at...
  3. Stergy

    EVENTS | Hide and Seek!

    Hey Faders, I'm proud to announce that @MedKey and myself will be hosting an event on the Creative server. The event will be Hide and Seek! The event will be on Saturday, December 31, 2016 @ 4:00 PM EST! Hide and Seek is self explanatory but in summary, this event will play out like so. There...