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  1. iiKingKai

    UPDATE February Top Voters and Staff Updates!

    February is over and with that comes Top Voters! Congrats to the top 5 voters this month! Your 50$ codes have been sent to you in your Hub4! We also have some new staff members! Please welcome them and give them time to adjust as they are doing their best to learn. If there are any issues...
  2. iiKingKai

    OFFICIAL Staff Promo, Requirement Changes, Discord and Forums Changes

    (wow i have used this logo a lot today) Hey guys! I just wanted to bring you a few major changes to the FadeCloud Network! First of all. I want to congratulate @Braddddd for being Promoted to Sr. Moderator! This man clocked over 50 hours of active time in less than half a month (I gave up...
  3. iiKingKai

    OFFICIAL KitPvP Release - Season #1 - PvP Event

    KitPvP Season #1 Released Right Now /Server KitPvP to join the new cloud release Brand New KitPvP Map The new map should fit well with the modern kitpvp feel! KitPvP Initial Release Event Due to the new cloud opening, we will start hosting a lot more events. Our first event is being...
  4. iiKingKai

    OFFICIAL January Staff Wave!

    Hey guys! Quick update to the staff team. I know its early but I felt it would be a good time to get some early promotions out of the way. Promotions usually happen at the end of the month and I know you guys are confused. We have a lot planned for Fadecloud... Skyblock Reset Lets be honest...
  5. iiKingKai

    Top Voters Dec 2020!

    Happy New Year Faders! With 2020 FINALLY out of the way we can move into a (hopefully) better year! The following people will be receiving a 50$ Buycraft Coupon to use in the store! Check /mail in Hub NOW for your code! Reminder: Your code will expire in 7 DAYS! Hope you guys have an...
  6. iiKingKai

    FINAL Staff 2020 Wave!

    Quick Update guys! We went ahead and did the staff wave a little early! First of all we have one new/returning staff member! @Presented is joining the staff team once again! Secondly we have a few promotions! @AquA_iReapzZ , @CoconutWaffl3 and @Braddddd have been promoted to Moderator...
  7. iiKingKai

    UPDATE 1.4.7 | Staff Requirements Update

    Hello Faders 2018 has just kicked off and we have a LOT of things planned for FadeCloud this year. With that said we will be needing staff members on the server as much as possible. I would like to appoint more than just 1 or 2 at a time. The requirements seem to be the issue so we decided to...
  8. iiKingKai

    EVENT Winter Competiton Winner!

    Alright guys! Sorry for the delay. I have been out for a bit and I am now back! (finally moved into my new place and nearly set up 100%) The results for the Winter Spawn Build Comp are in and the winner was @Duck_Boat !!! Congratulations! Please PM me on how you intend to use your voucher...
  9. iiKingKai

    EVENT Creative Spawn Winter Building Competition

    Alright Faders, The Halloween Building Competition is over. (Poll is being made, will be posted real soon) Time to kickstart the Holidays! (okay maybe not that serious) This Build Competition is a bit different than the one that just took place. This competition will be limited to 24 teams...
  10. iiKingKai

    UPDATE 1.3.9 | New Rules, Staff Update, Forums Cleanup Pt.2, Discord Mods??

    Hey Faders! I hope you guys are doing well! I have a staff update as well as a few changes made on the forums. EDIT 10/16/17 THE RULES HAVE BEEN UPDATED, PLEASE LOOK AT THE CHANGES THAT HAVE BEEN MADE. Staff! As most of you guys...
  11. iiKingKai

    Giveaway Winners!

    Hello Faders, There were around 110 players who have entered the giveaway on twitter and only 5 will be receiving an Obsidian Rank. The following players have won: | GIVEAWAY WINNERS @RebeccaLynn (Beruinc) @Varnex @WhiteGummy (Halphen) @WyFy54 @Lightning_vortex There will be more giveaways...
  12. iiKingKai

    NEWS Staff Update

    Quick notice! We have new staff and new moderators! New Helpers @BootyHadMeLike @DoctorNimrod @Luxion @EnergyCorrupt New Moderators @XISilverIX @Nasty @katniss Congratulations guys! why does this not look centered on the main page wtf fix this @iPhony
  13. iiKingKai

    UPDATE 1.3.7 | Forums Cleanup. Help, Guides, Rules and Suggestions

    Hey Guys, just a Forums update for you guys. Ask Staff is going away. The reason behind this is because the concept of it was lost. Ask staff was supposed to have questions that were not in immediate need and it seems that more than 75% of the questions that were asked were for immediate...
  14. iiKingKai

    Something Serious...

    Hello Faders, as some of you guys may know, there are some major issues going on outside of MC.. -People in Houston and surrounding areas were hit by Hurricane Harvey. -Houston had a chemical plant explode just outside of the town, making living conditions worse -Hurricane Irma, one of the...
  15. iiKingKai

    UPDATE 1.3.1 | Community Slack and Discord!

    Hello Faders, Quick update on our social media networks. Back then we used to use discord, PlugDJ and we also had an official TeamSpeak. Well the Discord barely has people, the TeamSpeak is gone, and the PlugDJ has nobody in it. Therefore with the staff moving to Slack (from skype) for...
  16. iiKingKai

    UPDATE Staff Requirements and In-Game Rules

    Hey guys, TechKai here with an update to the server! As most of you guys know by now, I am the server's Staff Manager. I have not been able to formally announce it but this has been my position now for a little over a month. I handle issues within staff that are reported from players and staff...
  17. iiKingKai

    NEWS Alternate Accounts and New Forums Rules

    Hey guys! KingKai here again, I wanted to make a post on the home page to update you guys on an existing rule that we have: "Alternative accounts are prohibited. You are only allowed one account per IP." This means that if you are banned from the forums you can no longer make an alternate...