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Wac's latest activity

  • Wac
    Wac commented on Ellis's profile post.
    I think that was @louismayflower, I aim my shits to go right down the hole.
  • Wac
    Wac reacted Useful to Ellis's post on Wac's profile.
    flush the toilet next time you use it at mine, fucking disgusting man. there were skid marks everywhere
  • Wac
    Wac reacted Friendly to AlphaBeta's comment on CheckCoords's profile post
    Real Beta
  • Wac
    Wac commented on CheckCoords's profile post.
    Fake Alpha
  • Wac
    Wac reacted In Love to Skullblood's post on AlphaBeta's profile.
    Dude youre so fucking cute @[6446:@Wac]
  • Wac
    Wac reacted Optimistic to Luke's post in the thread UPDATE Upcoming Factions Reset.
    Add me I just wanna see the new content and throw out my advice :)
  • Wac
    Lol it's a shame you added PayPal rewards after most of the factions players quit, I doubt it will bring many back either