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  • PrivateMoser
    Official Staff Timeline including Acceptances, Promotions, Demotions and Resignations including dates and ranks when promoted or departed. Date starting from August 8th 2018. August 8th 2018 Chrisbeg | Player → Manager August 12th 2018...
  • PrivateMoser
    PrivateMoser reacted Like to Master Jedi BeyondMC's post on iiKingKai's profile.
    I guess he went back to KingKai bc he had technical difficulties ;)
  • PrivateMoser
    Congrats to @[193:@Dabstin] , @[10881:@iStenny] @[28403:@Incenza] @[169:@360fps] @[7324:@iiQueenie] @[24408:@_Tingo] for making it in the staff team!
  • PrivateMoser
    #BlameChris title now available at store.fadecloud.com ;)
  • PrivateMoser
    life is tuff
  • PrivateMoser
    PrivateMoser reacted Like to iCannon's post on PrivateMoser's profile.
    Don't comment on spambot threads, you can get warning points for it just an fyi
  • PrivateMoser
    PrivateMoser reacted Like to Conor's post on James's profile.
    Worst pvper on the staff team here. He is only good when he has diamond armor on kitpvp!
  • PrivateMoser
    Did you ever just wake up and go on youtube for 30 minutes then you remember today is a school day and your already late....
  • PrivateMoser
    PrivateMoser reacted Like to Austin's post on Chrisbeg's profile.
    you need to finna add "REEEE" emotes to the forums