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Reactions given by Piggy

  • Piggy
    Its gonna be lit.
  • Piggy
    Mew doesn't pick the staff it's Chris who chooses who he thinks is best for the job and trusted by the community. If you think that Chris is doing a terrible job then go ahead an report him. Everyone else thinks he's doing a great job with...
  • Piggy
    Piggy reacted Agree to Conor's post on Piggy's profile.
    n e r d
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    Piggy reacted Agree to Luke's post on Chrisbeg's profile.
    Chris can we talk, you ignore my pms when I try to apologize to you. I've been active, I've helped player, I made reports on the forums for ingame player. People have plus one of my applications. Like Im sorry I don't know what more you want it...
  • Piggy
    Piggy reacted Agree to Kungfoos's comment on Mehlones's profile post
    There is no limit on how many times you can be staff? We have never made a definite rule for applicants or added any restrictions yet.
  • Piggy
    Piggy reacted Agree to Luke's comment on Luke's profile post
    I have no problem working with you, you were the first manage to work with me and help make the raid event when I was staff. I would just wish you would look at the present, not the past because of how Im not the same guy you talked to 2 years ago.