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Reactions received by Luke

  • Brummy
    how long is the season ganna last? I know people will hate me for saying this but I don't care make it so the PayPal payout isn't weekly, make it at the end of the season so people commit and not just play for your money. do buy craft weekly...
  • Piggy
    Piggy reacted Agree to Luke's post on Chrisbeg's profile.
    Chris can we talk, you ignore my pms when I try to apologize to you. I've been active, I've helped player, I made reports on the forums for ingame player. People have plus one of my applications. Like Im sorry I don't know what more you want it...
  • Piggy
    Piggy reacted Agree to Luke's comment on Luke's profile post
    I have no problem working with you, you were the first manage to work with me and help make the raid event when I was staff. I would just wish you would look at the present, not the past because of how Im not the same guy you talked to 2 years ago.