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    Kungfoos reacted Like to PapaMew's post in the thread Top Skyblock Players.
    Hello Faders, Skyblock has been fully reset and the following island leaders will receive a voucher for making it and maintaining their top positions: ▶ SKYBLOCK DESTINY TOP WINNERS @DoctorNimrod - $300 Buycraft Voucher @ToonTowns - $200...
  • Kungfoos
    Hello Faders, There have been multiple issues, consistent lag, broken economy and more on skyblock. Therefore, we are resetting, so get ready for a new season. We have made major changes to the server to ensure that these current on-going issues...
  • Kungfoos
    Achthually *pushes up nerd glasses* if the server had more processing power and/or more ram it could handle it (but then again 99% sure mew wouldn't spend all that money to fix a problem that can be solved other ways)