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Reactions received by Jayy

  • xCole
    no delay this time?
  • iTied
    no delay this time?
  • James
    James reacted Like to Jayy's post on James's profile.
    cute ass
  • Brummy
    Brummy reacted Like to Jayy's status.
    staff application sub forums are now open, can’t wait to see who applies this month! hopefully we’ll get a ton of applications. : )
  • Mehlones
    Mehlones reacted Like to Jayy's comment on Nerdaddy's profile post
    It wasn't necessary to come onto the forums and start dissing Chris for his opinions. This truly shows that you aren't ready for the role as staff, you had multiple options to resolve this. Chris had very valid reasons to deny. 1) Talking to a...
  • S
    Seadraa reacted Like to Jayy's comment on Seadraa's profile post
    hurts to see you leave. we weren’t as close, but if you ever wanna chat, you got my snapchat. <3