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Reactions received by Jayy

  • TobyMC
    TobyMC reacted Funny to Jayy's comment on TobyMC's profile post
    do it in staff chat, ill leak that baby picture of me again <3
  • Lux
    Lux reacted Agree to Jayy's post on Lux's profile.
    only cool kids can hum and whistle to a song or melody at the same time
  • abbeyyy
    abbeyyy reacted Friendly to Jayy's comment on abbeyyy's profile post
    have fun babey! you already got my snapchat, just text me whenever. don't forgot to call! <3
  • Brummy
    Brummy reacted Friendly to Jayy's status.
    Applications are near to closing cheers to everyone who applied, and best of luck. : )
  • Mehlones
    Mehlones reacted Like to Jayy's comment on Nerdaddy's profile post
    It wasn't necessary to come onto the forums and start dissing Chris for his opinions. This truly shows that you aren't ready for the role as staff, you had multiple options to resolve this. Chris had very valid reasons to deny. 1) Talking to a...
  • Justugh
    Justugh reacted Happy to Jayy's post on Justugh's profile.
    Welcome to Fade!
  • Conor
    Conor reacted Agree to Jayy's comment on Conor's profile post
    H Y P E
  • josh_wa
    excited for this to come out, even more happy that i'll be on during release this time. ;)