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Reactions given by Jayy

  • Jayy
    Jayy reacted Winner to Leanan's post in the thread EVENT Towny Scavenger Hunt.
    ign: leanan word: gregory heffley coords: 8 3 -9653
  • Jayy
    Congrats guys hopefully you aren't as big of a nerd as 360fps...
  • Jayy
    Jayy reacted Winner to Limme's status.
    Well done @[7714:@Chrisbeg] https://fadecloudmc.com/forums/threads/stinkz.82676/
  • Jayy
    Jayy reacted Winner to sky/katniss's comment on Nerdaddy's profile post
    stay mad! you got denied, get over it lmao. every minecraft server has hackers, every server is boring, etc. don't bother applying again, you got a little kid temper not getting what you want. shut up bye p.s. not everyone gets accepted first...