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Reactions given by iStenny

  • iStenny
    iStenny reacted Like to Kieran's status.
    Maguire to United! YES PLEASE
  • iStenny
    Appreciate the kind welcoming, excited to be here!
  • iStenny
    Helper applications will be reviewed by yours truly either Tomorrow or Friday. Get them posted if interested in joining us this wave.
  • iStenny
    Detail can be very convincing within helper applications, even if you feel that you're blabbing on. Just some advice.
  • iStenny
    iStenny reacted Like to Conor's post on iStenny's profile.
    smh rigging the draw so I won't win anything jkjk ily bb
  • iStenny
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    omg i remember you, it's iEvolvinq sup lol