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Reactions given by Hastefull

  • Hastefull
    Only $400? I wipe my ass with that during my morning shit. is joke please no ban <3
  • Hastefull
    Lmaoo got a 25 day ban right as I helped cap koth and was about to get 5 godly books lmfaooo
  • Hastefull
    I bet some of the guys who got interviewed are currently refreshing their page every couple seconds xD
  • Hastefull
    Hastefull reacted Funny to iStenny's post on Chrisbeg's profile.
    Chris, you might wanna react to this post. http://prntscr.com/p70hzu
  • Hastefull
    Hastefull reacted Funny to Ash's status.
    Imagine muting someone for offering to eat ur ass... y’all so ungrateful
  • Hastefull
    Sometimes I wonder why former staff go toxic after leaving the team.
  • Hastefull
    Hastefull reacted Funny to King's post on Justugh's profile.
    Justin your justugh Developer
  • Hastefull
    Hastefull reacted Funny to Worst's post on AlphaBeta's profile.
    Hello AlphaBets, on factions the faction Nuker has gotten vclip cegged, I was wondering id you could do a rollback or spawn in the spawners for us, because like wtf 1 billion down the drain just becasue im the only faction who places
  • Hastefull
    as usual i'm still banned