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Recent content by Franko812

  1. Franko812

    UPDATE Top Voters March & Staff Updates | 2/4/19

    Congrats to all staff promoted and newly appointed helper Crabby! Congrats to the other 4 top voters for March! Thank you Fadecloud for the voter reward <3
  2. Franko812

    UPDATE Top Voters January & Staff Updates | 2/1/19

    Congrats staff on promotions & the other 4 top voters! I appreciate my January reward for voting. Thank you! :cool:
  3. Franko812

    ok got it! ty

    ok got it! ty
  4. Franko812

    NEWS Top Voters October

    I haven't received a code yet, no message at /hub1 or my inbox here. need help @DaddyMew thank you also congrats to the other top vote winners for October :D