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  1. FadeCloud

    OFFICIAL Allowed & Disallowed Modifications

    OFFICIAL APPROVED MODS Last Update: 12/28/18 | Interface This thread is going to list all the mods that are allowed and disallowed on the FadeCloud Network. We will not tolerate any player using the disallowed mods, and the appropriate punishment will be given. If you have any inquiries...
  2. FadeCloud

    OFFICIAL Factions Rules

    OFFICIAL FACTION RULES Last Update: March 15th, 2020 Faction Strikes: 1st Strike - Faction Warning 2nd Strike - Faction Leader: 1d Ban 3rd Strike - Faction Leader: 3d Ban & Disqualification from FTop 4th Strike - Faction Disbanded ***NOTE*** If there are 3 bans within your Faction, you will...
  3. FadeCloud

    OFFICIAL Forums Rules

    OFFICIAL FORUM RULES Last Update: 1/22/17 | General Rules Alternative accounts are prohibited. You are only allowed one account per IP. Respect all players. This rule applies all over the FadeCloud Network. This means you may NOT disrespect anyone through messages, through posts or even...
  4. FadeCloud

    OFFICIAL Server Rules

    OFFICIAL IN GAME RULES Last Update: 8/13/18 | Interface These rules apply to all users on the FadeCloud Network, regardless of any package or rank purchased from our store. If you fail and/or refuse to comply and follow these rules, you may be permanently banned or muted, therefore, we highly...